Apart from shorts, I have only been wearing dresses or skirts since I was 8 or something.
And apart from the fact that my husband does not want to see me in trousers, I like wearing a skirt or a dress - and as short as possible, than you! as often as I can!
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How about a picture? :)

As a leg lover, I agree wholeheartedly!

When we were first married my Dear Wife bought herself a pair of jeans even though I had told her not to. She thought she could make up for it and bought a pair for me. A few hours later both pairs of jeans were burning in the fire pit and the dear wife was not allowed to wear any clothes for a week. Her nakedness showed her tender bottom which was also spanked twice a day for that week. Our friends admired the red bottom when they came to visit midweek. Yes we were and remain in a CDD clothing optional relationship and neither of us wear pants or jeans. She wears only skirts and dresses and I wear kilts.

No complaints here, girls look fantastic in them... Kiss...

Excellent,no doubt you look charming,do you also ride horses,not in a dress I hope.

My husband like me in skirt or dress too, for 2 reason. ( spanking and quickies)

Well, there are not any restrictions on me not to wear trousers or jeans, but still I don't feel like wearing anything but dresses and skirts. It look good and they are very feminine.


Because I like to appear feminin. Is that so hard to understand?