Some girls have no shame. Nor even self-respect. I was convinced of this when I attended one particular class in college.
Now I always wore a skirt to class, which was no problem for me because I was so used to wearing them all through grade and high school. Wearing one was so habitual that it was second nature to me in sitting like a lady.
However, one girl seemed to have different ideas about being a lady.
It seems that the class , a Philosophy seminar, was taught by a young professor who sported a beard and was, I suppose by a woman's standards, fairly good-looking. The girl in question seemed fascinated by his very presence up there in front of the very large group of students. The class was held in an auditorium, so we sat in regular movie theater seats.
On the first day of class the girl came in wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. But when she saw the looks of the professor she must have decided right then to dress a bit differently.
For the next class she wore a short skirt. Okay, that's not too bad—I wore short skirts all through high school. But I noticed that she began to slouch in her seat and cross her bare legs in a way that one could not fail to notice her underwear. All through class she crossed and uncrossed her knees, not keeping them close together as a proper lady would do, but really opening up.
On the following class she wore a skirt again, and this time she decided to take notes by raising one knee to use as a writing board, while firmly planting her heel on the edge of the seat.
Mentally I wondered to myself, Didn't her mother teach her anything about sitting in skirts?
I could see the professor's eyes move fleetingly to catch a glimpse of the girl's panties before moving on with the lesson. He did not seem flustered by the sight.
This activity continued through the first marking period. The girl would attend class in skirts, flashing her undies to the professor in new and imaginative (or provocative) ways.
Then came the first marking period. I don't want to brag, but I received an A without showing my pants.
Oh, the girl? Well, she loudly grumbled to anyone who would listen that she failed the marking period.
The professor was wise to her tricks. Apparently she was too busy finding new ways to flash him rather than spend valuable time studying and completing assignments.
On the following day she was dressed in jeans and took a new seat in the back of the auditorium.
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Just wondering why you took sooo much intrest in this female?

The interest was in the fact that she was trying to gain points by showing her underwear. This was amusing to me because I knew what she was doing. I don't think I was showing that much interest, but I could not help noticing.

Oooh realy, you could not help noticing, huh. Interestimg.

very nicely done

Thanks! Some girls will do anything to pass a subject--except study.

I wonder what you would have scored if you'd flashed him as well.

I got by on my brains and good study habits. I didn't have to resort to flashing my underwear for a good grade.

I understand that but do brains and bad habits add up to even more?

Sometimes they do. In high school I skipped a math class to smoke in the bathroom and I got paddled for it. That wasn't very smart.

No it wasn't! Unless you like the teacher touching you before the paddling

No, I didn't like any of it. It was from the principal, and it hurt!

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For those who haven't guessed, the woman showing her panties in the pic is Gillian Anderson, Agent Scully herself, taking a break from the X-Files. I guess you could say "The truth is Under There."

I would have never guessed. I didn't watch that show but I see her in British TV Original Dramas over here a lot.

Maybe she should have gotten a paddling in the very panties she was showing off. Regardless of her age.

Nah--they don't paddle in college. Not even in sororities.

Yes! Justice for all.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

I always like false people getting their come uppance!