I don't mind wearing skirts. In fact I prefer to, and I wear one just about every day, complete with slip. I know many girls today have an aversion to skirts, preferring denims for all functions, including going to school. The dress code was relaxed when I started Ninth Grade, in which skirts were no longer mandatory. Workplaces followed suit, but I remember some places of employment still required their women to be skirted, even as recently as the late Eighties.
Where I worked as a Caseworker I know that skirts were required during attendance at Family Court, and in some departments as well. So the relaxation of the dress code was not really complete.
I think it was around 1986 because I was engaged to my future husband and, although I had a decent job, I wanted to do part-time on the weekends to save up some money for our honeymoon.
So I paid a visit to the local Dunkin Donuts. There was a sign that read “Help Wanted,” and I figured, How hard could it be to sling donuts and coffee? So I asked for an application. Back then you really had to fill out a form, not do it “online” as they do nowadays. So I took out my trusty pen and, using a pre-written template as a guide, began to fill out the application.
While I did that I noticed one thing. All the girls were dressed in uniform. This consisted of a short brown jumper and tan blouse, pantyhose and brown shoes. Oh, don't the girls look cute? I thought to myself. Well I don't mind wearing a uniform, even if it's a dress.
Then I saw something that made me realize that the uniform was not so cute after all. A customer wanted half a dozen donuts from the top shelf, and the girl behind the counter obliged him by reaching up to retrieve the donuts one at a time, and place them into a paper bag. As she stretched up to reach the shelf, her jumper rode up all the way, thus forcing the girl to display her little pink panties encased in sheer-to-waist pantyhose.
Oooooh, no! I thought. I gotta wear that uniform too, and if it happened to her it's sure to happen to me!
Sorry, no free samples and no free shows!
I left the application unfinished and walked out to my car. I didn't even buy a donut.
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Too bad for Dunkin Donuts! I'm sure you would have boosted their sales.

I wonder how many customers deliberately requested donuts from the top shelf.

I thought of that myself! One short jumper and a high shelf filled with donuts almost guaranteed a peep show.

Well done Pam and nice story, as always. A work colleague told me she had avoided going into law because she didn't want to have to wear tights and a skirt (suit) every day! That was honestly her reason and there was family pressure on her: she didn't want to wear a skirt and stockings/tights! We chaps can smile at such things and maybe even fantasize ;D

My cousin, who is in fact a lawyer, told me that it is still mandatory in American courtrooms to wear a skirt suit if you are female. And of course men have to remove their hats, even though some men appear to have their baseball caps glued to their heads.