The reason I wear dresses only is I've been raised like that all my life. I'm 44, I wear the same black strap dress everyday. I feel like I dress like a nun 365 days a year, no bonnet. Of course when I was raised catholic I guess. I always wear my black strap dress everyday. I either wear a light colored turtleneck or long-sleeve shirt underneath the dress, I always wear a white nylon bra, my black dressed shoes, my black knee-high socks and my white cotton or nylon underwear, all with my dress. That's everyday of the week. I will never change that. What you see is what you get. I'm beautiful with all of that on.
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May I suggest no bra and no panties?? You'll love the feeling of freedom.

Maybe no bra might mean freedom, but my 38D bazonkers would holler in pain!
As for no panties, all I need is a good gust of wind to prove to the world that I'm a redhead all over.

Are you clean shaven or are you hairy or bushy?

I meant down between your thighs?

Let's just say I don't like sharp objects near my tweeter. I was shaved when I had stents put into my arteries, but it grew back. And it's still red-headed like the rest of me.

I get you. Do you wear knee-high socks with your skirt or dress.

When I was in Junior High i wore knee socks, but in high school I wore pantyhose. As an adult sometimes I revert to knee socks, but mostly nylons in the cooler weather. Now that I'm retired I don't have to follow the workplace
dress code of hose with skirts even in summer.

What kind & color of underwear do you wear? I mainly wear solid colors, mostly white.

It depends on my mood, or the color of my slip. I wear lace-trimmed nylon panties, color depending on the color of my petti--white on white, blue on blue, etc. Since slips are hard to find in a variety nowadays, I usually stay with white or beinge. Or I wear a completely different color panty as opposed to the slip. In my album "In the Corner" I have an example of what my panties look like.

What album?

My pics.

Where would I find them at?

Go to my profile and find "My Albums." Then choose "In the Corner" and it should be among the pics.

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I prefer skirts and tops because dresses seem too confining. But that's the way I always dressed too, and at age 56 I see no reason to stop. I also wear a half-slip, something most young girls never heard of, and of course in winter I wear pantyhose, as it gets mighty cold where I live. But no stockings in summer!