So my family has known this other family for a couple decades. Our families are so close, we actually consider ourselves part of the same family. Well this other family has a son and a daughter. The son is my age and the daughter is 4 years younger than me.
I won't use her real name, but let's call her Rose. Well I'll admit she is rather attractive. She has great straight blonde hair that goes a few inches below her shoulders. It looks amazing and I've always wanted to play with her hair.
Well, Rose's family came into town (we're both military families so we're rarely in the same state) recently. I started thinking to myself, "If I can get her alone, maybe I can finally play with her hair." Though she is attractive I wasn't looking for anything sexual from it. I really just wanted a chance to play with her hair for a bit.
So on the second day they were visiting, I got my chance. While playing a video game, everyone else left for different reasons, leaving Rose and I alone. My heart was racing at a thousand miles an hour with the question I wanted to ask. It was simple, "Hey Rose, can I play with your hair?"
It took me several minutes until I gained the courage. Finally, I spoke up and asked, "I know this might be random, but can I play with your hair?"
She smiled and said, "Sure!" So excitedly I went over to her to finally play with her amazing hair. I stood in front of her and realized in fear I had no idea how I was gonna play with her hair. Naturally then, I did so very awkwardly.
I took my hand and kind of glided it along the top of her head. Then I grabbed a small clump in my hand and felt its softness, and that was the end.
Incredibly awkward, but exciting. I hope that I will have another chance in the future to play with her hair a little more deliberately. It felt so soft and I would love to play with it for minutes on end if I get the opportunity.
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A little tag on to that story, after I played with her hair I mentioned that I wanted to play with it because I had a "hair fascination." After that point she seemed to display her hair the rest of the time they were in town. She spread it over the back of her chair as we played video games, leaving it in plain sight for me. Then later she brushed it out when it looked perfectly fine and did several other things as if to show it off. Thoughts on what her intentions were, whether those actions were coincidental or she wanted me to play with her hair more or what?

She is either teasing you OR she might like you to go further with your hair "fetish".If it's the 2nd--why not take it to the next step and just ask her about it--as "do you likr the idea of me playing with your hair"??

Thanks! I'll definitely ask about it next time I see her.

It's been a while so I can't remember exactly. Specifically what I remember is that after playing with it, she kind of put it over her chair that she was sitting in instead of having it be trapped between her and the chair. Also when she was about to leave for the night, that's when she took out the brush and started to brush it there.

Ok. I'll keep that noted for the next time I see her. Thank! =)

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