Update On My Little Family!:)

Those who don't know me, my name is Ciara. I got pregnant right before my 15th birthday and had my son five months before my 16th birthday. My son was born on October 15th 2010, he was due 10-10-10 which i was really wishing for because i mean how cool would that of been? haha. well were to start. the 14th i went to my dr in the morning and i wasn't dilating or anything! but i was miserable! so he told me well go into the labor and delivery tonight at 6pm and we will TRY to induce you but he wasn't sure if it would work...so i went home and got all ready (even though i was already packed like a month before:) at 6pm i went back to the hospital, got on the monitors and everything and the nurse said your already having contractions...which were very light so i wasn't feeling them yet. (so if i wouldn't of went in that night i probably would have still had him that weekend.) by the end of the night they were horrible...i wanted it to all be over with! an epidural wasn't in my normal birth plan but i ended up getting one at the last minute. i fell asleep and when i woke up i could still feel the contractions and everything! just not as bad...but after 22 hours of labor (five of those hours pushing) my son was born. neither of us could breathe and had to be taken care of...he got stuck at the shoulders...(big baby). he was born at 4:07pm, at 7pm i finally got to hold my baby boy. he was still on a breathing machine but that was okay with me. as long as he got better! I named him Corbyn(his dad liked the name and couldn't be there. :() so i did a name i knew he liked and just changed the spelling then for middle name i did Matthew for gift from god. :) My bf wanted it to be ray because that is his middle name but his brother's gf had a baby eleven days before i had Corbyn and her name is Ocean Rae, also he was our little gift and matthew just clicked. but he likes it now. :) My dr told me two days after having my son that if i wouldn't of gotten the epidural i probably would not of made it because he was too big and my body wasn't fully prepared. I took care of my niece Ocean for awhile & it was like i had twins and i loved it! she was a whinny baby but i still loved taking care of her. 

Two years later!! -It has been almost two years since the day my little man came into this world. He has always been a happy baby and didn't cry much. He went from a head full of dark brown hair and blue eyes to long blonde hair and brown eyes! He is still as happy as before. Deffinately a little flirt & comedian. he knows he is funny. :) he loves to yell in quiet places. Loves any kind of sport & being outside. I love him with all of my heart and wouldn't of changed getting pregnant because i love having him here. :) his breathing problems went completely away after about six months. and we are both perfectly healthy now. His daddy(Clayton) and i are still together after almost four years! we have our rough times but what couple is perfect? I'm a senior this year :) done in January. life is going good right now. :) planning the baby's second birthday, and taking it a day at a time. :) I get judged every day but i don't care anymore because i know i have an amazing son and boyfriend and i dont care how young i am. My mom and i had an amazing relationship before me getting pregnant now its pretty rocky...we fight a lot now! and i can't stand my dad at all! I lost almost all of my friends when i was pregnant. so feel free to message me. :)
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