Me Being A Man

I am a real man, I do not depend on others for my survival, I have killed men to survive and will do it again without hesitation, I have killed wild life for food, I have been homeless and survived, I have been shoot, stabbed, cut, and beaten and survived. I had someone try and shoot me while they took my wallet, the gun jammed when they tried to fire it, I hit them hard in the throat, they ran away screaming, I do not know if I killed them, I sure tried.
I will not stand by and let someone abuse another person, be it child, elderly, female, handicapped, or weak person. I will come to their aid; fear me because I will turn your life upside down.
Insult me, my country, my family/friends and you will pay.
I often tell sales people, I do not buy anything from a sales person, unless I can reach out and touch them. Do me wrong, and you will pay.
I hunt, fish, and clean them myself to eat.
I love women.
I will respect you, and require the same from you, touch me in anger, I will respond with all the force within me.
Jones47 Jones47
61-65, M
2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

You sound afraid. You scare me.