Ok I Read Every Book That You All Told Me

and it says i need to be arond ppl who understand what i am and i need them to help me gain control of theis curs as i call it but all my ppl stay at a distance because they theink im a freak or that i made a pact with the devil will some one plz contact me on my myspace my url is www.myspace.com its just more simple to get ahold of me and truthfully i need some other ppl to hang with who r more like me or at least understand i dont want to be like this because i drain everyone i love and my ex left me because she thought that i ws goin to drain all her life force and shed end up dead or the er so anyone everyone plz hit me up i need you all i cant do it by myself the curse as i call it is becoming stronger as each day passes plz plz ppl hit me back im becoming something unatural (well more than i am cuz ive been like this ssince birth well if you didnt catch it my url for myspace is www.myspace.com/jesieborst

hope to hear from you all soon cuz i need you all i have no-one else who understands

jessiethelastenergydrainer jessiethelastenergydrainer
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Dearest jessie, my boyfriend is also a energy drainer, but i call him a ora-vampire. Im always a cheery happy person, but soon after bieng around him even talking to him on the phone i begin to feel dead and drained, and his normal negativity outlook turns to happy and alive. its like we switch places. Even my friends and his friends tell me they feel theyre energy bieng drained by him. Im on a mission to figure this out if i can, anything i find i will let you know, and if you wouldnt mind could you also let me know what you can find. There has to be something that is causing it, or a way for us to protect our oras/energy. Goodluck and ill keep intouch. Also i wonder if i could have your permission to ask you questions about yourself. do you have a facebook account?

hey, maybe if you just think you are the master of yourself, then you WILL control your ability.<br />

hi, im sorry to hear wha you are going though. I came across this lisiting on ebay about prantic vampirism that sounds like what you are goin thru, juz that on that listing it's helping people to be a prantic vampire instead. You might want to contact the seller to see if they can help you . I hope they can. Please feedback here if it helps . Blessed be..