My Beliefs.

Warning, if you're easily aggravated by someone thinking differently from yourself, you should stop reading this ahead of time.

I am a Real Vampire, and was born that way too. I believe that Vampirism is actually a medical condition, and not some psychological or mythological story. I'm not talking about the conditions which make you bleed easily, or the condition that makes you white and burn easily in the sun. I'm talking about an HERV virus.

Many of you may think "So, what, this person thinks she has AIDS or HIV, and that this makes her a Vampire?" The answer to that would be no. The HERV virus I'm typing about is one that has yet to been accepted as a virus by doctors, but many are doing studies on. It's like AIDS and HIV because it attacks the cells of the body, but instead of making them weaker like AIDS, it actually strengthens them, and makes a constant adrenaline effect through our bodies, which thus causes a lack of blood, which explains the need to drink blood.

Real Vampires aren't always those wearing Gothic clothes, and never refer to people as 'cattle' or 'food'. We're every day people who do our best to just live along with our neighbors and friends. Some do prefer to work night jobs, some live normally throughout the day.

Lots of people want to be turned into Real Vampires, and I have to say, no matter what the reason, most Real Vampires wouldn't turn you, because it's really not as fun as it looks. We're weak and get sick easily if we don't consume blood, the sun gives us a massive migraine thanks to our photo-sensitivity. We also sun burn easily, but don't burst into flames like the popular beliefs. There's also the problem of the cost for blood. Most of us can only get blood through steaks at the store (That's right, it doesn't have to be human.) And even then, steak carries very little blood. If we're lucky enough to get a donor, we have to request for a medical screening for any STI's, and to be provided with the sheet before having their blood.

Anyone who doesn't have this virus and drinks blood is putting their health at risk. A normal human can't intake as much iron as Real Vampires can, and drinking too much WILL make you very sick. So, if you think you might be one, make sure you are before either going around telling people, or drinking much blood.

A good way to test if you are a Real Vampire is to take the steak test. You should make two (Atleast medium rare) steaks, and if in the next day you notice that your skin has regained a color it didn't have in the past two weeks or has a new pink shade it didn't have before, then you are most likely a Vampire.

But, as with all other things, it would be best to ask someone for advice, because the steak test is by far not the only indicator that you could be a Real Vampire.

Before thinking you are a Vampire, make sure you aren't enabled to think so by friends or by others who might be mentally ill. An Enabler is someone who constantly makes excuses for the person who could be blind to the truth. For example with alcoholics, those who say "Oh it's okay that you've had three bottles of scotch tonight, you've had a rough day at work" are enabling the alcoholic.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, though I will never say 100% if you are a Vampire, because it's very simple for someone to lie. One last thing, I will NOT turn anyone, under any circumstances, so do not bother asking.
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Ok i not saying this to be a **** or anything but do you know how easy it is to get your IP adrees and find you and there is people on the internet that will do that and get convicted of murder coz some people fake being a vampier (not saying your not one but i am 50-50 ) now if you are a vampire well i have not much to say than your blood would be the most awsomeist the to look at for a bioligsts point of view just saying.

A strong relationship with God is what you need over membership to this web site!


Can you be turned into a vampire by a spell

Can you be turned into a vampire by a spell

what is the deal with all this vampire crap, is bore

So your not a vampire you just said. You are a human that has a virus which makes them weak, or lack something. I am a real vampire hybrid, I was born with the gene of were wolf, died at age 15, and became part vampire. I am different than the ones in the movies. I don't age, I could drink blood, but could live with drinking blood, super speed and strength is present, but I believe I need to make my first kill in order to actually trigger the were wolf part of me.

I don't mean to be bashing on your beliefs or anything, but that sounds exactly like the movies to me. Show me a single proof of anyone living that long, there just hasn't been any records of it. You can give me the whole 'it's because we've hidden it for so long' story, but there would be physical evidence somewhere.

I'm not someone foolish enough to accept something so far fetched, that would've drawn the attention of many, without being shown it first hand. Surely, if you're as old as you say you are, you would understand this.

As for the 'you are not a vampire' comment, my beliefs are that vampires are human themselves as well, and in my experience of the hundreds of 'vampires' I've met, all of them were quite human as well, and denial of being at all human would be proof of their delirium.

Humanity is a part of you, vampire or not. It shouldn't change how you act towards people or towards certain subjects. Anyone who uses vampirism as an excuse to treat people horridly can't be someone who is as old as they usually claim. The old are wise, and they know better than to let petty emotions get in the way of such things.

ah, I am a vampire I have no more humanity left, I turned it off, human life means nothing to me, I am nothing like a movie. I have been on earth for 16 years by the way. You talk about a different species of vampires. News flash I am a different type of vampire species. And it's possible to live for hundreds of years. And if you don't think it's possible, try doing some research. I am smart, but you don't seem like it.

lol your literally talking about vampire diaries hahahaha

Yas I can relate

So you have the herb thing and the ring?

A ring I want one, sunlight does not kill me, it weakens me like it did to Alaric when he was a vampire .

How bout the speed?

Oh speed increases with time, so far just as fast as top sprinter above average, but at night it becomes more faster

Ok ill just say that i believe you:)

Okay, but I know I do get faster and stronger in time, never stop developing, aging had been stunted too, due to major diet change

So you say you can't age, yet you've only been a vampire for a year. Come back to me in five to ten years, and tell me you haven't aged a day. If this weren't some sort of delirium, you would be respecting the fact that people have different beliefs, and that yours may or may not be right. I'm fully willing to accept that mine may not be right, if there was proof of it, but every 'vampire' like myself that I have met have always had something different in their blood that doctors couldn't quite put their fingers on. All of them have also gone through multiple tests, both physical and mental, to see if they had any other kind of sickness that could explain it. And yes, I've also voiced my beliefs on vampirism, and they did not diagnose me with some sort of delirium. Once you've done the same,which does take years, please do come back to me, or just show me a single person that has lived longer than the oldest person in records.

The internet holds many lies, learning the difference between lies and truth is another 'wise' thing. If any of your friends or you yourself are a vampire, then you would be able to find me, no? Until then, thank you for the story,but I simply refuse to believe in it, just as I don't try to force my beliefs on you, do not try to claim your belief to be the ultimate truth.

you and I, are both different, And yeah I have proof about me not aging, pictures. And yeah I'll come visit you in 200 years, I got things to do, places to claim, and though the whole vampire thing is what ever' fine if I am not vampire, well I love the fact about how I don't age, and the fact that I am the strongest, and most feared individual of them all.

Your pictures mean nothing when you're so young and claim to have stopped aging for only one year.

For one to completely stop aging is completely impossible. It would imply that your cells have stopped reproducing, which also means that your hair would never grow. Death is an important part of life, everything dies eventually. Claiming that you don't age is claiming you can't die. And how would one become the strongest in the world without first growing into such powers in the first place? You are not an individual I fear nor will I ever fear you, or any of 'your kind'. If you are infact that supreme of a killer, it would be no trouble for you to prove it, without pictures, without made up documents.

This guy sounds like something from Vampire Diaries.

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why won't you turn anyone?

From what I've heard for others, those who are turned, (Or for a better term for this condition, 'infected') often have more cons than pros of being a real vampire as compared to those who are born this way. Most of the time, they don't even have any upsides. I'd rather not take the chance because I'd feel responsible for them and what happens to them.

It also has to do with the reasons behind why people want to be infected. Most of the time it's people who just want somewhere to belong. It's twice as hard to really find somewhere to fit in when you don't like being too social thanks to hypersensitivity to light.

I've yet to find a single person who gave me a rational reason behind wanting to be infected. There are some I would be willing to accept, but those are very rare and few in between. Vampirism doesn't cure any illness, and doesn't make you live longer than everyone else. You're free to try and find the reason if you like, however I'm going to stand firm on not turning anyone, atleast for now.

how would you turn them, it's obvious a bite can turn someone. And vampirism? What kind of species is that. All I know I have vampire Characteristics, such as: I am dead, came back to life, don't age, am a supreme killer, fast and strong I am. And I like never get sick. And sometimes I have urges of killing people. And sun lights has a negative affect on me, so I am pretty sure that would make me a vampire. I still kind of don't think it's possible that I exist. Oh well it's going to be hell of a ride for me.

Rrrriiiiiggghhhhtttt, and how many times have you seen twilight? I would have asked how many times you've read it but obvously you are too dumb to read

twilight is fake. by the way.

Wow you actualy know that, good job

I use vampirism as a term for the belief of vampires, it is not some special species or anything of the sort, the people who have what I have just call themselves vampires due to the need of blood, the photo-sensitivity, and the slightly heightened senses. Notice I said slightly, that means we are not all powerful like certain people like to claim.

In order to be infected, all it takes is a small, non harmful transfer of blood. Please do try to refrain from insulting my intelligence level if you couldn't even figure that out. I DID explain it was a virus, and how are viruses usually transferred? Especially ones that reside in the blood.

twilight is fake, who reads wake non sense.

Just give up you lose, and your profile pic looks like jacob

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Well im a real vampire, at the 2 rare steaks a week ago and still havethe pinkish skin color

You can really explain the life of a vampire. Thannk yoooouuu ! Someone who finally gets me

omg! u are my new favorite person! :3 u know real vampires! finally someone who doesnt go by stereotypes!

most truest thing ive heard about REAL VAMPIRES