i dont now whats wrong with me i drink blood and i love it every girl i date finds out and they want me to drink but i fell so alone i cant love them if they only want me to drink them i need help im all alone plz im 16 my email is plz some one help me
vice13 vice13
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Tell them to shut the hell up if they want you to drink from them! If everyone's like this I would suggest waiting until they mature a bit and stop reading bloody (excuse the pun) Twilight! Only drink if you're comfortable with it!

im a werewolf so I cant help sorry.

Great started a discussion. That's good.Tell me the type. Are you a Sanguinarian or Psychic vampire or a Living vampire. I am taking this seriously. I am part of deal with Paranormal science perhaps I can help you find a way and an easier one.

I don't now what I am

I like that, cause I don't know what I am. I know that I am human, but I have properties that make me not as human as well.

Mate there is no such thing as a "psychic" or a "living" or a "sanguinarian".
There is only one type, Vampire, Died came back to life and now drinking blood.

Sorry, but you happen to be wrong. Most vamps aren\'t actually dead, you know. Do your research before you start calling people out.

Yes you are right about it.
It\'s mostly the difference in the source of calorie.

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Man i want to be a vampire can you
Bit me? Please

i only bit girls

Bite me man please i will be ur dog for along time i promise i want to be like u

fine but you dont now the pain it is i hate it i wish i never became this

Why pain u just drink blood did u know that there are many companies where u can buy blood repply please

ya but u could kill some one by drinking that and girls only want u cuz u drink it not for u its not a happy life to not be loved for u

Man is true that u live more than 200 years when ur a vampire or not please reply

ya some do

But do u have fangs is that true that the sun kills u or u can go outside during the day i been wondering

we cinda have fangs there not *** big *** people thing and we dont use them and no sun can not kill us but we do hate it

Where do u live? Is cause i want to be turn i live in united states (mission) and u? Please repply or give me ur msn plx

i live in calf

Can u come tu united states (mission) to turn me??


Do u know some vampire that live in united state (mission) please repply

yes but they would never bite u

Why??? Ey man do u have facebook??

no and cuz they hate humans

Tell them that i want a oportunity to become one that i do whatever and also that im different human like im not joking about it everyone deserve a chance tell them and told me what they say please i hate my stupid human. The worst part of human is get old is true and. Vampires are strong and fast ,heal fast or im wrong well please i need a chance man talk to them

I know idc thats what i want believe me are a vampire please teell me
I want to be one

fine u will be beteen if u can get to san jose calf

San jose calf is too far from mission tx

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im 16 i have been drinking blood sence i was 14 and i dont think im a vampire

well that's weird, how do you exactly get the blood to drink?

girls cut them self for me

thats cool'

drink the girls you love. Hey if your a real vampire like me, than indulge in it. And if worse comes to show, turn off your humanity. How long have you been a vampire. I am 16, and I have only been a vampire for a year now.

i need help

I bet you do need help, Kill your self.

i keep trying but i still live



We never live,we are always in expectation of living.
You are alive but you are dead at the same time.
Reality is quite a question.Everything is real. So everything is possible.

ok, you must live not In Canada? Or USA.

Well I can live anywhere.
I travel and will be traveling from place to place for my research that is my work you know.

Bro are u a vampire? Can you travel to mission tx to turn me?

No not completely. It's a bit complicated and it's hard to explain.I don't really know if I have such ability.I am just a bit different that's all.
However I travel from place to place as part of I had the opportunity to know about them what you might call a vampire.We deal with the subject "Paranormal science". I try my best to explain paranormal in a scientific way.Our organization believes every paranormal has a scientific explanation.It was our mission and it is my mission now to explain what can't be explained.This is what I have been doing.
By the way why do want yourself to be turned this badly?
It isn't so pleasant to be one.
There are alternate ways you can surely choose one.

is it even possible to turn someone into a vampire?, and the word vampire means different meaning to each one of us. Like you hear the word vampire, and people think of a blood sucking immortal, and on the other hand their are other types of vampires,like where does it start. Who were the first real vampire's? Just I don't know.

No not always.All vampires are not immortal because all vampires are not complete.I think you have already seen a previous comment of mine where I hive mentioned the types of vampires.It can't be said for granted that an infected will live forever. It is assumed that it depends on the biological condition and change in biochemical content of the body.But this is an idea believed ten years back.At present increase in white blood cell and brain protein is identified to be the difference after the transformation (Awakening).
Medical Science identify vampires as a victim of rare genetic disease called Porfiria.Also known as Porphyric Hemophilia.
It can't be said for sure if it is possible by biting .
But it can spread through blood and can be gained through heredity.Transfusion of blood from an infected to a human may can make it possible.The history of the vampires vary.Some says it's origination is from Africa.Some says from Australia and so on it varies.The most acceptable history is what is written in the Vampire Bible. The vary first vampire was Ambrogio the husband of moonlight goddess Selene.It was the blood of moonlight goddess Selene that gave him this ability.It is regarded to be a sin to speak ill of her. She is considered as the mother of all vampires and the guardian angel who maintains a balance between the two races of humankind.The evolved(immortals) and the static(mortals).
And there is just one thing about infected ones (vampires). They are not murderers it is their instinct which can't be controlled.The only way of controlling it is care of others.They are just afraid.They are afraid of the society.This is what they worry about----"How is society going to take their difference?Is society going to accept this evolved kind?"
They are more afraid of human beings than human beings are afraid of them.

that's odd, vampire's being all afraid. Now I start to think that vampire's are weak. I thought they were strong.

They are strong side by side with weakness.But they are not strong like what is told.Their weakness is their keen need of love and affection. They are afraid of losing it.They are always afraid that if their difference is revealed then they wont be accepted,they wont be loved.This is the reason why they keep themselves hidden.
In the African legend it was said that vampires were once the close friend of human.They lived side by side.But their instinct destroyed this relation.They were unable to control their instinct. They never wished to hurt human but their instinct compelled them. So human beings turned against them.Vampires were driven away.In order to stop the war vampires hid themselves.They were sad to leave humans but they had to.This is what they are doing till today.This is what they will be doing until the human beings change their their outlook about them.Someday it will be possible.

How tell what kind of vampire you are? Is there such thing as being half vampire, and who are the oldest vampires?And do some vampires Have higher tolerances than others. And which type of vampire is the deadliest. Since you know so much about them.

who are u i feel like ur one of them

My name is Brandon Shawana. And something about me set's me different than any other human. Rather it's my strength and speed that are beyond any one else's level. Or how my emotions are heighten. Actually everything about me is heighten. And I have super sensitive skin, so the sun cause's me to break out. Just wondering that's all. And I might be vampire, cause I felt like I died this one day, and came back. Maybe I am a vampire. But I just had to ask.

Nice to meet you Brandon.It's been a pleasure.
Ok how do I introduce myself ? That is a bit problem.I have got several names.You may know me as Shion. I am also Orfeo.
You can simply call me Max.
I am not really like them.I am just a bit different. It is something like this.... I just lived,survived.Let's just say I perform my researches about them and about everything regarding paranormal science. I try my best to explain paranormal in a scientific manner. And that's all.
Whenever or wherever I have found a trace or a clue I ran in search of them.In some cases I were successful in some cases I weren't. In some cases I even got myself into trouble but I never gave up hope and never will.

be careful both of u they are back

they are?
From the underworld. I can take them. Me being able to, cause of what I am.

First thing they were always there among us.And secondly underworld is a term of the Greek myth which refers to the place for the dead. Their spirits lie there.The goddess of the Underworld preserve these spirits.
Thanks for your advice.But there is something that must be mentioned ..... There is nothing to be afraid about other than the humans.It was always the Human beings who created the obstacles by driving them away out of ignorance.Although the it is hopeful to see that human attitudes about vampires are changing.Vampires on the other hand are harmless besides I wont be effected.Not at least by them.

I thought you said long time ago, the vampire's would feed on the human's?
And also yeah it's the humans we should be worried about. But I would rather watch Humanity tear it's self apart, and see the one's who tried perish. God I hate the human race more than anything.

thats what im talking about u two are stupid the slayers are back they have been waching us

slayers, and what do you mean by us?

I think he meant by "us" the vampires.
Right now just listen to one thing Slayers are not back and there were always people out there who wanted to kill a vampire that doesn't make them a slayer.They does that out of ignorance.And there is
no point of hating humans cause they don't know what they are doing.What did Jesus Christ Say when he was crucified. He said to forgive them.
People crucified him out of ignorance.
I know how it feels to be different cause I am one who is victim of it.
I may can be stupid.
But I try my best to hold humanity. To console them with hope who are different.To let them know who they are. We are given these gifts for a purpose we are to find what it is.Let us not waste our gifts by hating humans and giving up humanity.So no one is going to harm you.
There is nothing to be afraid of. Just never hurt a human cause then human beings are going to bring you trouble.We must not forget whoever we are human beings are our origin.We just evolved a little more than them.

Well I know I for sure have a lot of gifts, but my weakness is the sun. And it blows.

hybrid becareful ok I now them they will kill u

I don't care if they kill me, but I won't go down without a fight.

Can you two please cut that....
We are all gifted with a difference. Everyone is gifted. Most often people don't understand what their gifts are cause their gifts are not revealed.We are to stop quarreling ok.And no one is going to kill anyone of you.

Can you two please cut that....
We are all gifted with a difference. Everyone is gifted. Most often people don't understand what their gifts are cause their gifts are not revealed.We are to stop quarreling ok.And no one is going to kill anyone of you.

good, it's weird that he said that, good that no one wants to kill me, it wouldn't make sense for them to kill me, it would make more sense for them to use me for special DNA.

Yes there are few people out there who are more interested about making us their test subjects,perform researches and experiment on us.Making our life a hell.But there are also gifted people out there and they need our help to reveal themselves.
The fact is this the number of gifted people are more than them.For centuries our gifts are identified as disease only out of ignorance.For example: Immortality is termed to be a disease by few of them.
Our gifts vary from each other.But we are all unique.
Some people mistook us to be monsters.They even called us freaks.What shall we do?
Fighting humankind won't bring a solution.We will not fight them.We will prove our worth to them. We are to prove that we are more talented.
This will be easier if we connect with each other
and stick together.The human race isn't bad.They care for us.Only a few of them are just ignorant. We are to make these few number of ignorant people realize our worth. Then we can surely reveal ourselves and society will accept us.

if we reveal our selfs, they will ignore us, b saying" Please turn me into a vampire". I Don't even know how to turn someone, there is this way, I saw on this show, but it's probably fake, it's when the person has our blood in their system, while they are human, than they die with our blood in them, they wake up, must complete the transition by feeding on human blood, that's one way I heard about, but most of all the vampire info is all myths.

Well....they wont.If they realize that we have the sensation of love and we seek for peace and tranquility like them then they will not disturb us.My suggestion is you can try.They will change.
What does a person really want ?
Peace of course.They wish to be free.Exactly the same thing we want.They think we are free.
At present they think us to be something else both physically and mentally.But this isn't the fact we may differ physically but our minds are human.We may be different but our hearts are human.Our heart seek for love and our minds seek for peace.The moment general people will realize this they will give us the freedom to express ourselves and to reveal who we are.But we are to try from our ends to make it possible.
We are to let them know nothing is paranormal it is nothing but science.We are to let them know that gift(difference) isn't a disease.
We can try....we may face difficulties at the beginning but we must not give up.What will be the mistake to try....we can change their outlook about us.
I tried though couldn't obtain complete success but what ever I obtained isn't so bad after all.

Are you a vampire, and what kind are you, and what your special talents? Just wondering, you talk a lot of game, just wanted to know if you live up to it.

Where did you find game here???
I say about myths and history.I study about these subjects for my own personal interest and I am just following the footsteps of past,
After the sudden death of the key members I am the only successor left.I am a temporary DLL support at sigma (software developments).
I match with the kind"Transcendental".But that can't be said for sure.I can't explain my difference by writing.Let's just say I have a few numbers of extra glands,I can bare almost any pain.
My eyes can see the particles of light.Well this can't be explained in one word.

Game is a figure of speech.

well I like your dedication to what you do. Do you get paid for what you do? And hoe did your other members get killed? Also is this what your life is about? Studying vampires, don't you have family and friends you would rather want to be with, I know I do, but it's super complicated in my case.

Well yes I am paid by Sigma but it is a small amount 350$ a month.Not much.But...Enough for me and I have a small business of copying cd.
And is owned by me as a successor so naturally I am not paid by that.Well it can't be said for sure and it is unclear about the reason of their death.They were suffering from a disease .But that doesn't explain why they died all on a sudden.Piercing Marks were found.But that was guessed to be the result of disease.They were elders.They taught me about the basic.The rest I had to learn by myself.They say I differ but didn't mention how.Well I don't really want to remember their death.
You better See: "" for knowing about this organization's history.It is one of my website.
Yes the very beginning of my life is not like others.
I didn't have a peaceful childhood.My life was a living Hell.Yes I do have a family.They don't worry about this cause I gave them the assurance.They are good.But I don't have many friends, maybe no one.The number of friends of mine is real less and my relation with relatives is even lesser.Not only me my family didn't keep any relation with relatives or friends.
I haven't met some of them for 14 years even more.
I don't judge a book by it's cover.So I don't judge people by their appearance,religion or cast.
I judge people as gifted.I believe we are all gifted with a difference and for a purpose.I wish to find out what it is....
Yes...This is my life...I wish to bring all the gifted ones together. You can term it to be my mission.
The Elders always always wanted to do the same.
Now this is me.

You want to know something about me. Lately I've been seeing things. Only a small fraction of it, well I short glimpse of the things I see, but when I do. I don't get to choose what I see, and when I see them. As my eyes stroll around mt surroundings, my eyes detect things that are not actually there, but once there. Sometimes I see people, cars, or nature such as trees. I think they once existed there, but what my eyes are seeing may be things from the past, I have no memory of. Maybe it's some new sense I mine, I've discovered. It's actually very trippy when it happens. It's like I am able to altar between past and the present. Not sure what it really is. But it makes seeing more interesting.

The symptoms you said maybe mistaken by others as Dementia but I would say this is possible.This can be explained in three ways using three different theories;
1)Ok clear a detail ...did your family lived here before?
I mean did your father or mother or anyone as grandpa or grand ma or anyone lived in this area at old ages?There is a possibility of memory transplantation.Or transmission.Where are our memory stored I think you would simply say our brain.But other than brain memory may store itself anywhere.Even on the wall of an organ.It may happen so that the memory of your ancestors are stored in acquired it through blood line.

2)Again it may can be from somebody eles' memory which somehow got connected with you.That somebody may have died but their memory existed and took place in you.That means you are holding two memories of two different personalities at the same time.

3)According to Indian myths it may be called rebirth.It is said in Indian religion and Buddhism that a person can be born with different identities ,as different personality and may can possess a different religion in their after or previous birth.Sometimes that person suddenly begin to remember what he saw before or heard before.This incidents happened before in India several other places no explanations were found.that can be considered as the reason.But I can say something...this is just an assumption of mine.I believe that the soul is the reason of this.


Ok...I am going to add a few details about soul in the website as soon as possible.Maybe today.

Ok. I think I may be more spirit than anything else, cause I don't get old. I'm an emotion from the past, that needs to set a balance or some sort, that is what I had a thought of, that would suck. But really I'm still part of this world, just on the side lines, alone. from assumption your case matches more the third theory which says about rebirth.
Such incidents took place in India and several other places. At this very moment I remember such an incident it was about a little girl of age 7.Who recognized her killer in the previous life.
News and media rushed for it.
If this it .....then this is only the beginning,you will remember more about your previous life.

Well I don't know about that, cause some of the things I see, are like from the past like a week ago, but I never recall seeing them.

Mate if you did not turn then you are not a vampire, There are no "types" of vampires, They are all the same, Sun burns the skin and you start to blister immediately and then torch. No hate here, Just giving out the information. And to Wapo321, No offence mate but we do not turn you on will.

Pfff maybe one day not today i was all excited

never mate.

How can you be so sure?
Although all vampires are evolved ones.But they differ depending on their beliefs and
on their characteristics.If we focus directly there are three types.If these three types are more classified we get five.
And to you mate...never mind it's been a long since.If this is what you are thinking about . Then you are wrong...There are gifted peoples out there.You are gifted.
I know how it feels to be be neglected.Cause I faced the same.

To you Mr.Brandon...
It is any of the three theories that is working here.You need to figure out which one of these theories matches most with you.

yes!!!!. I'm not a vampire, I don't want to be one, or have anything to do with them, but maybe I might seem some if they exist, since I'm different cause I age less than others, I have a greater life span, but if i don't sustain I'll truly age. Just to say I wouldn't die of old age, I'm Immortal though, but not fully.

what theory matches the most?

It can be the 2nd one....i.e The memory of somebody else around you somehow got connected with your Neural Circuit. That somebody may or may not be related to you but is located close to you.First thing ...Is there any one in your neighborhood whom you like.
Then the possibility of getting the neural connection with that person increases the most.
However it may can also get connected to you by means of wave.It may be so that that the wavelength and frequency of your brain wave is similar or exactly the same to that person so that person got connected to you.
If you wish you can search the article(Breakthrough Part-2) in experience project for details.

Search.... I Breakthrough.

well I think I just have a few mental disorders, that's all. By the way, this story "Help", has a ton of comments.

yep..that right there are many comments ....53+27=80 comments (approx) comments.
But I don't really think that will be a mental disorder that is depression.

Its not just depression, I know I am effected by the depression I have, it's just I don't feel it right now, I know it's there though.

Then this is also a factor acting here.

yeah, speaking of factor's I seem to have a lot of them, that effect me, and what made everything the way it is with me. Environmental factors, and so on.

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