How Should I Go About My Feeding?

'm new but ever since i discovered what /I am I got craving for blood.. please help i dont want to be caught but i feel like i need to
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Have you heard about the disease called Porphyria. It's acute symptoms are really unbearable. If includes weakness of muscle. You may not be able to walk out in the sunlight. You will be unable to work.
From my own experience I would say:
Being different is great but it has also got some disadvantages. If you are identified to be different then you may lose the acceptance of society and the one you love.

honestly im proud to be who i am and if who ever doesnt want to stick around with me because im me then they dont deserve to be around me in the first place, and i feel like you can use that same advice friend.

Eat steak or real red meat its not as good but it does satisfy.

man i wanna b a vamp plz help

im not helping anybody with that lol

I'm not sure getting caught feeding is the best thing. Most people are appalled by the idea of drinking human blood and won't understand.

that is respectable

Ey man can u bite me i want to be like u please

It takes more than a bite to become a vampire. Just a bite wont turn you into vampire.Life isn't that easy for a vampire. So think and decide.Besides it is unclear that a bite will really transform anyone into a vampire. Blood of a true vampire is to be taken for the transformation. As much as I know, blood of a true vampire must be injected into a human body for transforming into a vampire.

I know that if i get his blood i will become one thats what i want