Falling In Love

Is it a bad thing that I am a 19 year old vampire that fell in love with a werewolf?? I just couldn't help myself. He looked at me with those brown eyes of his and I fell hard..as did he. We have been living together a little over a month and a half and things couldn't be better, we both know about each other's conditions and lives, we know everything about each other..no secrets attached. So I ask this question again, is it a bad thing I fell for him??
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Eyy man i want to be a vampire can u bite me plxxxx im not a kid anymore i have 18 years old

Love is love. It isnt a bad thing. Dont worry about the stereotype that wolves and vamps hate each other. Some of my best friends are wolves.

some of my best freinds are vamps... dosent keep us from knowing each other. As long as they dont take the meat away lol.

You wolves can have your meat. We just want the juices. ;)

lol im not going to go thier lmfao

*I'm *there

Anabel are a vampire ? Because if you are i would like u to turn me please repply

#1 Spell correctly and use proper grammar. #2 We do not turn people. I should hunt you down and hurt you just because you asked me to do that. #3 Do research before you ask stupid questions.

Oh,I checked out your page. You know NOTHING about the world around you.

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