My best friend is a werewolf (I know, I know all you racists, if that's what you'd call it) and I'm going dry, I've been going dry for 5 years, but I drank yesterday and all I can think about is th taste.I don't want to tell her because she'll be so mad and disappointed and everything, she's the reason I stayed dry for 5 years. I know quite a few of us near where I live, and they aren't exactly helping with this. I'm an outcast everywhere now. I honestly have no idea what to do and that scares me. I always know what to do but now I just feel helpless, and evil, and hungry. Im always hungry, before I screwed up I was always hungry. It never goes away. Help.
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4 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I say let the vamps drink. If werewolves did that we surely would die/.

Man i would like you to turn me into a vampire please repply!!

In all honesty,goimg dry is the most unhealthy thing a vampire can do. You shouldnt be able to last that long. Find a donor and feed.

sometimes its best to tell the truth. I've lost one friend several times over (not for the same reason as you but still) he recently took me back but the relationship doesn't feel the same as before because there's lies under the rug. my advice to you is to be honest and if she leaves she was never your true friend and don't try to impress any one but yourself

I wouldn't call what I dream of now impressive