When All Else Fails Drink

Without blood i have gotten so weak i could not lift my own head, my body simultaneously rejects any food i try to digest including water. which really suck because i love the taste of food and yet i can no longer enjoy its simplest of pleasure all because i was born what i am.

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Mate you can still eat normal food, I think you are only transitioning, But get a healthy dose of blood every now and then, But not too much you WILL get fat. And all we be fine.

I can consume water but blood is more better for me...I love human food and still eat it :)

But I do get weak without blood

I feel that way too, I can't eat food or water without my stomach bloating and feeling sick. It all started on my 14th birthday, I just can't enjoy food anymore. I have never tried blood but may have too. I am very weak and always tired. I sometimes fall asleep during classes in school. I'm kind of scared of what's happening to me.

you'd never*

Dear everyone who thinks it would be fun to be a vampire,
No. You're wrong and if some idiot agrees you will wish your news been born.

I agree it would not be fun to be a vampire with no benefits and all the deficits

you sound like the old school vampire, I am more of one the evolved ones, unless. You messed up somewhere along the road, which where the transition of being a vamp, was screwed up...

Well I'm a psyvmp and really I just intack others energy and I'm fine I can still and drink other foods as much as I want maybe you should try draining energy rather than feeding on blood because maybe your body has become too dependent on it and besides it's hard to find a blood donor

baker. if you wish for that anyone of us could provide what you seek. but trust me. you dont want it. you will never eat or sleep. unable to. i have lived with sense birth. i am now 13. if you know whats good for you, youll stop asking.

im 16 now and have been this way since birth i was only awakened 2 years ago by my boyfriend. u can eat and sleep. i still do. yes i need blood to survive or i get violently ill.

if you are a real vampire, so you can turn me into one! ... i know it is not true.. but if it was.. i really wanted to be one.

omg im 14 and i wuld love to be turnd into a vamp but dont come see me i already have 5 vamps on my back

o hun,no u don't want this. i was awakened at your age and everything scared me shitless. then again there are a lot of other things i had to get used to. Being a vamp is hard, especially at first when u have nobody to help u. im sure those vamps that want to turn u are gonna leave u alone. please rethink this.

Well if you could just compel rich humans to give you millions of dollars you'd be A ok