Ok kids listen to this: it's incredible how many people with problems asked to be turned by me, well I have the solution.

If you are depressed go talk to a therapist/someone you trust and change your life! being a vampire only gives you more problems, it isn't freaking Hollywood where the vampires gets the boy/girl of his/her dreams and live happily ever after.

If you are ill go see a doctor! Being a vampire isn't going to give you some kind of super body! And if you can't handle your human body let alone that of a vampire who hasn't been able to feed in ages.

If you are bullied go talk to someone at your school! A vampire isn't a social being who magically gets all the friends! We are outsiders, nothing you would want.

If you think your life isn't good enough think again, everyone is good in their own way .

I will NEVER EVER turn someone who is mentally unstable so stop feeling sorry for yourself, it doesn't solve anything. I hope I made this clear once and for all so stop asking me or the other vampires around here if we pleeaaaassssseeeeeee will turn you.

We won't
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I long to be a vampire... It would be amazing if I could maybe ask a little about you guys? Please?