Virgin pride and keeping it real: why real Virgins need real support groups.

As a real Virgin, an adult, and someone who takes pride in her Virginity… I was dismayed there were no legitimate support groups for people like me. In a politically correct society that has no concept of boundaries where casual sex is the accepted/expected norm -- Virginity is treated as a joke or a disease to be cured, and Virgins have no social standing. These attitudes were reflected in every so-called “support group” I’d seen across the Internet that advertised itself as a place for “virgins.” So I created this group to be everything I searched for but never found: a safe space where real Virgins could express themselves in a positive, friendly, supportive environment. Having a support group of people like themselves would help real Virgins who embrace Chastity deal with the isolation, alienation, powerlessness, and the miserable feeling that no one understands that they struggle with everyday.

This is a place where real Virgins who take pride in Virginity can come together and express their Virgin pride with like-minded people. This group will be moderated and proactive in maintaining a “pro-virgin” environment. If you are someone that dislikes Virgins, dislikes what we have to say, or thinks that Virginity is stupid... don’t waste your energy posting negative criticism, flaming messages, or sexually explicit material (which is a form of sexual harassment) because it won’t change anything. And if you are a Virgin that just wants to whine/complain about how much you hate your Virginity and want to lose it, please go elsewhere. Even Virgins can be anti-virgin. And in a group that's all about having pride in Virginity, there's no room for that -- even from other Virgins..

So for all real Virgins who take pride in their Virginity… Welcome and make yourselves at home!

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I'm proud to say that I am a 21 year old VIRGIN!

Well said. Thank you soo much for this

Thank you. And I encourage you to visit often. Post on the message board. I here for anyone who needs support.

Well done MissDaphne05ev, I did the same thing before I found your Group I made a forum, it is pretty new, but If anyone is interested you can find the link on my profile. People who choose to live free from sex are frowned upon in modern society, which is a shame. I am not a virgin I am 45 and have had sex 3 times in my life, but I have chose to live the rest of my life totally sexually abstinent.

as you know,i have said this many times ,as a 59 year old male virgin,i am very proud to shout out,i am a virgin,i have never dated,never had a girlfriend,never been kissed on the lips,i do this for me,and no i am not gay,heard that many times,think we all have at some point,and if you post sexy clips to me,i will block you,this is a warning for those that do that sort of thing,i have to wait for the one and only.

now 60 years old and still proud.

I've read all your posts . Awsome literature .

First, I would like to welcome you to the group Wyvernwing. I sincerely hope that you'll make yourself at home here. <br />
<br />
I liked your comment about not wanting to be a sheep. I believe that too many people become sexually active, not because they want to, but because they give in to the pressure. I commend you for staying true to yourself.

:) I am glad someone has made a group for this on the internet.<br />
I am 20 and glad to still be a virgin. I admit, there are times I'd think about things I'll be more willing to do in the future....but right now, I want to stay a virgin.<br />
In fact, I have never dated anyone. I grew up as a "loser" during school, so no boys wanted me (except the weirdos-sometimes).<br />
Somehow, I find boys are starting to like me now........but as it is, I don't want to be involved with guy that only wants one thing:sex.<br />
I find that no matter what part of society a guy came from (prep, nerd, school-loser, etc), they ALL want the SAME thing! I meet nerdy guys at work..we have a LOT of them, really...somehow, I think theyre all friends or something XD..anyways....but, I tend to notice somethig about them I cant if, theyre actually wanting that same thing that the jerkfaces want. They think that, if a girl likes them (esspecially an attractive one), that they will get themselves laid, and be all manly and crap. I also find these guys who come from the other side of society also are more perverted. They sit at home on their computers probably watching things the other boys dont as often because they are out playing sports (and getting themselves laid AFTER)<br />
<br />
to sum it up, I don't feel comfortable aorund most guys, regardless where they came from and what they claim to be. I lost trust and hope, I don't get it why they have to do matter how nice they behave, they just want to get "intimidate"<br />
I want an 'intimate" partner within 5 years...but by intimate, I don't mean sex partner, I mean intimate in the more innocent, casual/comfortable way-......but not many guys seem to want that, they want, and want now.<br />
<br />
I am proud to walk around saying I havent dated yet :p....I used to be more upset about it, and how everyone else is advancing in life.....but in the end, it takes a stronger person to go it alone, even if you are afraid and weak around the opposite sex---it takes someone stronger than just that to stay single AND a other words, not falling to desperate measures. <br />
however, I will ALways be viewed as weaker, younger and smaller because of my choice. I will be pressured to date people I dont want to date, to be someone I don't want to....and talked to about sex as if I have no idea what its about. I know enough, enough to stay away until I am ready. I want a career, and a life I'm proud of.<br />
<br />
I dont want to be a sheep, Im a goat. Goats are better :)..