Ever since I was young I would talk to spirits.
My mom still teases me about it. She thought they were 'imaginary friends'. Little did she know they weren't 'imaginary'. They were as real as she was.
Now I struggle with a lot. Anger, school, family, friends. Nothing seems to go right. I'm not fake. No, I haven't 'shifted' physically. I can m shift perfectly though.
This website seems to be a lot of drama, but I'm still looking to get help.
If anybody has methods, training schedule type things so I can start training, etc, please contact me through PM. Thank you. :)
TheRisingPhoenix TheRisingPhoenix
18-21, F
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you can join the full moon pack im the alpha male

Alright, thank you(:

pm and ill get you in


Can you pm me? I'm on my phone...


Thank you.

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You can join my pack Fire Lights. Well have to give you training online though. Im the alpha female.

PM me please.