A New Beginning

"I didn't trade out one pack life for another, I got something more."
"Oh, yeah, whats that?"
"I got a herd."

- Diego and Shira

Hi, my name is Aeluna and I am a 13 year old female wolf therian. I have a white underbelly, which gets darker as you progress towards the top of my back.

I have been looking around, and although you find loads of wolf 'packs' online, never once have I seen a herd of horses, a pride of lions, or a colony of birds. Today, this is going to stop.

I have decided to create a therian group where any therian may join. This was originally inspired after I watched ice age 4, and it has gone on from there (I only recently watched the film). 

The group is called "Deepest Desire' Therian Pack. If you are looking to join, please message me, or visit our ep page! The pack's webpage will be coming soon! Remember, ANY therian is welcome!



P.S. I know I said you only see wolf packs, and no herds, prides, colonies etc, but for ease I'm going to call the group a pack. You know what I mean, it just sounds better than herd.
Aeluna Aeluna
13-15, F
2 Responses Oct 2, 2012

Hello, if you are still looking for a pack, please check out: www.angrianpack.com!

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