Bloodbound Pack

Hi, I'm Shania, but my wolf name is Alice. I am starting a pack, and I'm looking for newer wolf therians to join. we will have this group on Facebook soon too, once there is enough wolves for us to be called a pack. I am not starting this pack because I am set on being an Alpha, I am starting this pack because the last pack I was in, The Unbroken Pack, well... our Alpha left us and now it is becoming broken, everyone is leaving. You must know that I am still part of that pack, and for those who join my new pack, The Bloodbound Pack, I will want us to be Allies with all that remains of the Unbroken Pack. Please, any new wolf therians that are looking for a family, or those who have left another pack, please feel free to message me about joining my pack. I will accept anyone that is willing to treat their pack mates like the family they are. Thanks and have a wonderful day.
AlicebeneyisSilvereyes AlicebeneyisSilvereyes
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Talk to me on fb if interested @ Choppa PesoBandit Finneto

I'll join that is if I can and I don't have to live somewhere special.

You don't have to live anywhere special

do u have a alpha male?

No, I do not.

do u think i can be the alpha male?

Possibly, inbox me and we'll talk more