Transformation For Werewoles

I'm a werewolf and 11
when will i be able to transform properly?
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6 Responses Mar 31, 2013

i dont know when you'll be able to shift properly , all i know is i havnt felt more in touch with my wolf and i feel like im close to changing . im 15 , ill be 16 on Halloween .

i just turned 12 and i have gone through changes ex:anger issues, extreme strength, my teeth have gotten strangely pointy, im faster, and ive become a little psychic so I want to know if, when, and what i look like after i shift

I think darkangel is right, because I'm 13 and I've started to feel different and I've been acting weird lately, so yeah probably when you're 13 so be patient I guess

Real werewolves experience there first shift when they are like 17-19 years old.

It usually happens when you reach of age. For humans, when puberty starts right around the delicate age of 13.

<p>please help me</p>

You are the age 13-15, no matter how much you want it, you will not shift IF you are a werewolf until age 17-19. Its rare that werewolves shift under the age of 17.