Apparently The Site Is Making Me...

So it seems the site is gonna make me do this so here it goes. Im 27, been doing this a long time. Im experienced and well researched. I was quite well networked in the online community but some personal things made me go off the map for a couple years. I decided it was probably time to come back to the surface.
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I'm into you. Want to know you fully. DominantDon

I just looked at Don's profile.....and i don't have to really no SheAngel to second your opinion Azsuranil.

Get lost Don. The only thing you're about to get into is trouble and unpleasantries, kick rocks.

Interesting, do you have a Pack?

Why you want to know?

Just out of curiosity. I dont get alot of chance to speak with other kin.

I'm not 'otherkin'

That is your mistake not mine, I grouped us as 'kin' not you as 'other kin' notice the space. I meant between Werewolves, your hostility towards me is un-needed and defiantly unwelcome/

And your bad English and phrasing is frustrating. How is it my mistake? I'm wolf simply not werewolf. Trust me dear I've not even began to inch towards hostility ;)

I am sorry English was never my strong point, my mother tongue is Welsh. I see thats interesting exlain more please?, and your feisty at least ;)

you accuse me of being childish yet you troll me? by the way he's a friend of mine, nice try.

Um I never lied about anything and yes when your going through my stories For the should purpose of telling everyone I'm a liar. Yup trolling. Borderline harassing too.

Wtf are you talking about??

Yeah I saw all that.

Actually he doesn't even know what MLA is...he can barely structure a sentence or even a word for that manner

Actually, that was a sentence ;)

...because that makes sense lol

More like oh lord of the "sentience" fragment. And yes a sentence can contain plural words! I'm so glad you're finally reading a grammar book! And actually, at the end of a sentence there is a punctuation mark...tsk tsk. Keep trying, I'm sure you'll learn eventually.

When you "waist" time does that mean you wear it like a belt. Bc that seems like a waste of time to me

Because you slaughter it every time your hand comes into contact with a keyboard. It's like the Midas touch, only everything you touch turns into broken and misused English


Excuse me but you came on my thread picking a fight.

Sniff don't call me stupid...sniff it might hurt my feelings worse than your improper use of English...NOT! Are you 5?

And if I didn't use it properly I wouldn't have a degree in it!

It might, if one has lint in substitution of a brain

I'm invalid...yet you continue? And yes language grows and evolves, that's what is so beautiful about the English language. My problem here is that he called someone out for using an acronym (correctly might I add) when he doesn't even spell out half of his words correctly, much less form them into a "sentience"

... get... a... *******... grammar... book... it... supports... everything... we... have... stated... thus... far... do... you... under-... stand... or... do... I... need... to... slow... down... more...

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