I am a real wolf-
Humans don't think there could be a werewolf in there class
Or on the bus
Or even next door
One day my friend was talking about the supernatural and said werewolves are not real
I smiled and said "u never know there could be one by u"
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Hey yeah I know they are real as I am.one and I'm born one as that's the only way you can be one also if you don't trust the person then don't tell them.nor give then hints anyways curious what did she say to that

can you become a werewolf or do you have to be born one

Your cursed or born a werewolf

what's a cursed one like how does it happen

If your cursed you shift on full moons only

That sounds like bs as no real werewolf has or is effected by the full moon

the curses don't exist anymore you are either born with it or you don't have it if you want to know how the true legend works message me and I can tell you how it came to pass that our kind was created and how we were created how there are 2 types of werewolf and why birth is the only way to get the gift of being a werewolf.

I was born one

Born one is the only eay

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No rude comments plez I'm not a hater but I'm a hater of rude comments

What letthewolfout said was no rude comment

It ****** me off whenever people like you try to completely separate themselves from the human race.

Ur kind of people **** me of too aka a judger and a smart ***
Thanks and have a good day sir😘😊

Thanks and have a nice day😊