Help From An Elder Or Older Wolf Please.

I am far from a pup. i am 27 years old and have been a wolf for a while now. Ive experienced and learned a lot.... but one thing Ive never really taken the time to research about and learn on is Vampires. and the existence of them. i don't mean the energy sucking vampires i mean blood sucking ******** who are immortal. because i was attacked by something while i was in the woods a few weeks back and the only way i can describe it was a vampire. it bit my neck like some movie **** and ran off faster then Ive ever seen something move that was living. I'm both confused and little scared. since then my body has changed. i have emotional problems and BIG ANGER problems. my reflexes and senses are twice as heightened than before. i feel like all i want to do is smell and or taste blood. My shifting is 10 times harder than it has ever been. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! so if someone is going to leave a smart *** comment about it then don't bother. i need serious feed back from someone who knows about the subject. is being a half breed possible... half werewolf half vampire!? orr am i going crazy!?
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pm me zack

Dude i guess vamps only bite wolves if they are very very selene and mike...true love omg


Lol "bloodsucking arseholes who are immortal".. wow

Well I think in this instance you could just be imagining it, I don't claim to know much about vampires but it was always my understanding that it is completely impossible for there to be a vampire / wolf hybrid.

from the time this happened to me to now i have had much support on this subject and found out what truly happened to me and what i am. i am a specific breed of werewolf called the varcolac. kind of complicated i guess but it all made sense after it was explained to me