Wolf Shape Shifter

I have always had the ability to shape shift into anything i wanted especially a wolf. Anytime I hear a howl or wolf cry I raise my head to join until I remember that I am sitting in the middle of the jr. high courtyard and I just pretend to watch the clouds. At night is much worse. I feel sad and want to howl more than ever, but I just stuff it until I know the world is not listening,
I have been hungry all the time and have serious meat cravings. For a while, I have noticed that my hearing and reflexes are much better. I have become more nimble and strong. I sometimes, in my sleep, rip the pillow sheets and I cover it up saying that the cat did it. Though, the cat never got in trouble. :)
sarigala sarigala
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I get mad meat cravings too it is why I'm addicted to steak an ribs.(my mouth watered writing this)