The Voice In My Head

My name is Katelyn, I have a voice in my head. He tells me what will happen. He is not always right, but most of the time he is. He says that I Mis interpret his words. I find myself losing my self. I find myself becoming him. I find acting talking and doing things in which the way he does. I have been so confused. Every fiber in my body fights him "taking over" but it feels so good and natural to be him. I have a relation ship with him, I call him my husband and he calls me his wife. I try to hide it from him, it feels wrong. Am I restricting myself from who I really am. I need help I admit it. But I talk to him all the time. We watch movies together read stories together. We do every thing together. I used to know he was not real, but now it's really blurry. I can't tell you he is not real, and believe it. Please help I am so confused. I lose myself at school, I loose myself and go into this compulsive trance. I do crazy things to get people to laugh, and I often am made fun at school. I try to embrace myself,I don't know any more. Tell me what I should do.
Katelynlab Katelynlab
13-15, F
Jan 14, 2013