Be Apart Of Our Pack!

If your a lone wolf and searching for a pack please let me know. Our pack is for real therians and we really don't like the drama. The name of our pack is called misty shadow pack. Just talk to raziel or me and we'll get you started.

With much love,

CelinaTheLost CelinaTheLost
18-21, F
5 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I wanna join, but I'm not 100% sure if I am a werewolf.:(

Ohh that's still cool, be careful on your first shift:)

Ok I will by the way I'm scared that when I do it I won't make it back alive

I want to be a werewolf

U can't want either ur one at birth or not

But people have said you can be turned

I didn't know sorry I barked at u

It's okay:) so are you actually one? :D

Yes I shift spiritually and I dream shift

That is really nice and cool, will you be able to physically shift when your older?

i could do it now i think but i dont completely understand it so i wont try it any time soon

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Hi my pack is drifting apart so I was wondering if I could join

Hello! My name is Kyra and I was wondering if I could join your pack? I've been alone since I was five and could really use a pack.

Sure, message me! ^.^

Or me lol