the danger of seeing the other side/the man in black.

Hi ppl when i was yunger i was walking around my home town. When i found these pearson thate would chang my life for aver. The person tald me he was a werewolf. i sade thats not real one . The person sad yes . Later that night the person chang in to the werewolf. But the perason sade " I  will not bite u but i can teal u r one well at least ur soul is on". Later that night  we  manatated  . Thats is when i sean the othere side. After that night i want home . That night i walk aroun the town i lived in my home town of ashley when i say the men in black the fist tim i thart i was the fead but it was not it was not any orginisashon i aver seen befor . i seen my frand that night i tald the peason whate i seen . The pearson sad u r radey to chang into a were . We did throw majack  the man in black chased us for all day and night we both got caot. i got away and he did. I got beat up when i wake up the pearson sad good by he want into the othere side. theman in black jumed me thay sad were is the peason i sad idk  but in real life i did know.  after  that day is when i laset time i trund and sean the man in black

So when u read these i hope u dont see the ppl in bloack if so u bater hide.i in the pased lide than hide. Know am older i can lie or fight. i hope if any one out there can turn me into a werewolf. ppl say there no way but  can trused me by all. 

valldo valldo
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I just got out of the hospitable I go a cheap on my hart it sucks

What language is this?

Lmao i cant even function rn

WOW DUDE, i should post this on Your Grammar Sucks. Hahaha That would be hilarious as ****.

I died 2 that is y I cant speall

Oh so ur dead no wonder youre posting on a website because dead people can drfinately do that

They totally can... Cause all the cool ghost want to post on EP!

after having read all this im sure IF WEREWOLVES are so dumb as you, im glad my potential bloodline was washed by generations of human blood.... then again I DONT think werewolves or ANYONE but a damn 2nd classer from some back water african villager tribe could type so bad. you wanna fight mibs and demons? learn spell first. your intellectual power is below all levels of even my dog, and I dont realy think he is smart.

I did see the ppl in black and if u can help me to be a werewolf agan please do

Dude you cannot be turned into a werewolf

you know men in black arent like matrix agents I guess. if he was a real werewolf, he could make mincemeat of a stupid human man in black easy. so why hide? thats cowardly.

thay r real

I never sayd theyre not real. but if THEY are, wso are werewolves and whatnot. and then a werewolf or whatnot can easy kill a man in black, out of sheer physical superiority. so if anyone hunts someone, its the monster hunting the man in black, not vice versa.

thay r real

and you are an idiot. you repeat the same **** all over. I never said they arent real? and you dont listen, twit;

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*twitch* This... Gives... Me... Physical and ... Mental... Agony... Dying... Now... Can't breatheee

I did fiscally change ones

I've noticed a trend; all these people who have had "real" experiences physically shifting and having such grandiose stories, seem to lack a basic education that Elementary school would've given them. I may not be scared of the men in black, but I am extremely frightened at the state of our public school systems... and last piece of advice; Be more afraid of the men in white coats.

thay r real

your poor spelling just gave me a stroke...

Did anyone happen to think that maybe English isn't his diet language which is why the spelling is the way it is. I met a guy whose first learned language was NOT English. He learned English as an adult, or was trying to at least, and he typed almost exactly like this.

thanks u man

You're welcome. People can be so judgmental. Especially Americans. I am American and I say that with no shame. This country has a huge ego, and thinks they are always right, and they are not. So on their behalf I apologize for the inconsideration.


TOO MANY TYPOS XP!!!! I can barely read it...:3 HI!!!!

im a werwolf and thats my uncle your talking about t

u want to help me

Are you trying to insult us?

actualy IF the MIB are after you valldo, then I dont think any ep guy could help you. then you need A heavy artillery and B some allies who can realy kick ***.

Your grammar gave me cancer.
3/10 basement dweller.

how us spal chak here


4/10 for the reply

Go to school, they have an amazing spell checker called "Education".


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so u can help me i pay

IT'S GENETIC =^-^=!!!!

You need to spell check

reading that made my eyes hurt.

they should not allow people on the internet that do not have at least an 8th grade reading level.

am teallint the troth

Isn't the youngest you can be is 13 :/? No offence...

god pll chill out maby hes in adiff country girl i mean im from the country an i type diffrant then yall

has to be

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Did I say I'll do it no

it be asom u turn me into one

i mat not spale good but its a troy storey

You have to be born one silly human

You really Need to learn to spell

whean my 2gf killed me i last the biatey to do so

Yeah sure, why did your gf kill you?

am 2020 years old sprat i was with her fo 1000 or more years i did not want bewith her and i i got sick of her bing bosey me around and teal me do these and these and i sade u vam i am dun with u were got in to a fight she was faster and bater fater i lost she kiled me and brung me back life and i brock free and ya but i miss here and thats y i need be a were wofe so i can find here and go back out with her

If she killed you you wouldn't be here posting this bs

Dude she killed you?you really wanna get back with her?.

yes and be a were wolf i love her so mush we had 2 kides.
we were both in wors and batals.
i portack her she portack me.
love is stron i think my oldes dater is on these wab sit but i not sher yat but she has the adatoud.

And how did you loose ability to spell?.

when u die you lose what u goot at .
i was good at spealing i was aporat and a scaller.
soum people los the bilatey to toke,or see, or maores

u skared of me

You need to speak an actual language!

I can help you

Guys, this kid is just making fun of us. Ignore him.


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Cuse I live in Maryland

weres is that at

Wear do you live?

in south dakota
and u and y u ask .

Dude trust me I am one.

can u turn me in to one agan i will pay ya i will help u with geet more powa full if u turn me in to a were

if you where truly a werewolf once, you would have known that to turn a human through blood rights (bitting) is against pack law...

deman put a twest in the law so pleas if u can u help me

u add me i would love to talk to u more

i lost my majack and if thats happan u lose thw belatey to turn in a werewolf thats wat happan to me

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You don't.

yes i did

whos a real werewolf

I am

what help me

No we don't turn silly humans like you

you can't be turned, it's genetics, but there is something that might help, look at the shifting database, it is a google document, search it up, some of the things they talk about help, I found Blaze's guide very helpful.

am part deman and when i was in the speart rale thay sad if i find sum one 100% a werewolf and thay have lats of speart eanagey thay could toun me in to a werewolf agan and i will have 3 mor live and i will me a inmortal agan. and or a werewolf deman turn it be the same i be a werewolf pleas halp me

Lol you cannot be all things sorry

your wrong there you can turned aswell. i turned my gf into one

Lol no omfg when will theses kids obsessed with Hollywood bs will stop

Did he just call us demons?


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...dont want to b a werewolf...u dont want to ...ask a real one

i would wont be one agan

i meant the first one i dealt with

theres no stopping demons there everywhere and believe it or not we need some of them not all of them to keep our dieing planet out chaos's reach other wise ill have to stop ANOTHER apocolypse. and the first one was not fun.

there is one thing i lurn is that u r good gamaler u can win a bat agansted a demons depand what laval it is

I stoped the first apocolypse with you!hey how you been

you can lose your wolf side if its takin by demons and its not easy to get back

u can allwas tack a chans deminds like u to take chanser i did i did not loose me wolf side i ran out of majack need to geet beatin or othere way to do it