i ppl my name is wallace i live in aberdeen sd. My sole was born 2 thowsand years ago. afer geeting killed 2 times. i know cant chang in a  were wolf. Ppl my say real were wolfs wont call tham salfe the tital but for me its my bag. if there any one out there pleas help me to turn back in to a were wolf a gan by 4 know.
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I am dyslexic. ******* good job spelling there mate you're teecher dun good

lol this must of been hard to read then


OK. Say this again. Only this time use spell check

i would love 2 be a werewolf agan soum one help me ya

You cannot become a werewolf again

Uhm it's not that hard look right here and thealphawolf what you mean by not all mental shifters are crazy, I mentally shift

if u a majake werewolf u can fizacoul chang but u might loose ur own batety if u rach it

whos a werewolf a real one we need to talk now<br />
well who is one plz we need to talk turn me into one im not a hunter i can prove it all my life iv been tring to become one werewolf so we can stop thos hunters but let me help let me be part of your pack plz truste me pleaseill go thre anything and anyone just to get tht power tht bite pleas reply reply reply

i was a hunter in othere lives but i did not kill othere were u me one day be jone up an find a werewolf one day

i will certainly will love to find a werewolf with yuo but i want to be one as well and maybe and know werewolves exciste and there reading this any alpha needs another member or is accepting please change me give me the gift the bite im a honourable and loyal person and certainly friend but i need you to respond if you are

You cannot become a werewolf of you are not one already a born one then sorry you cannot become one

hunters gave me a scar down my left eye...just look 4 it

anyone could be a hunter, then again anyone could be a were.

were evrywhere!!!!!!!!!!

well as the above werewolf said... can you see us now....awwwwwwwooooooooooooooooo


were r there there weres i ben manataintng and go in to spreats rals and thay the ppl say there ony about 1000 or las