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I am a real Lycanthrope...This isn't a joke, I really am an actual Lycanthrope....I've been a Lycanthrope since others I'm still a pup because the process has just started for me....I'm 18 years old and I live in a town with 9 Vampires in it (one of them is my best friend) and I constantly have to watch my back all the time because if the 8 other ones find out I'm a Lycan, they will kill me....I'm currently looking for a Lycan who is much older than me to be my mentor...I have found that the transformations are excrutiatingly painful and a living hell.....I need someone to teach me how to live the Lycan way....Most imporatantly I cant hunt where I live because the town I'm in is strictly Vampire Hunting Grounds, and they will kill me if I hunt on their grounds....All the Vampires where I live (except my best friend) are for the war and they HATE Lycans....I need someone to help me with the situation I'm dealing with....

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Loook they won't kill you they will only do that I'd you **** them off but if not your fine

I have sort of the same problem. My cousin is a vampire

and I'm a Werewolf....

Vampires and werewolves get along fine there's no war or amousety between us its only when the bad sides from both ends causes trouble

Omfg vampires and werewolves are Not at war its just the bad ones of both our kind that is starting it

speaking of which i am just starting my transformations ive only half changed and i can feel it coming out what can i do?

Can you teach me how to turn into a Lycan? Plz

Um no you have to be born one

Hello. Will I was reading your comments and I like them. I am for one am a werewolf
Yes the first time u change hurts but after that it dose not hurt.and I like vamps some of them

My boyfriend is a vampire, and we've been dating for over 3 months. It's ironic and weird, but it works. <3

My best friend is a vampire, and its so ironic our friendship, its a love hate one haha but we're awesome like that haha :D

To be honest why would the transformations hurt? It's you connecting with something much more poweful and becoming whole. I don't see why connecting with your wolf would cause you any pain....

Shifting into your wolf form will hurt like a b*tch the first time because your body has to go from human to wolf. Everything's moving, bones breaking, everything about your body changes. It's not exactly a fun process.


Exactly but if you really do want it you are going to go Through the pain and you are going to be happy even if you feel so much pain cauze you're dream is coming true and... And i am sure that there is nothing that can make you more happy :)

Well I guess if you put it that way.... It might be different for different people though hopefully. Never broken a bone before so I can't imagine how painfull it is. How are you havn't spoken to you since I had only just found out I was a therian! :)

Well from what I've heard it hurts less every time, but idk I have no desire to try shifting yet. But I'm okay. And that's cool, how'd you find out?

I guess for me it's not something you just "find out" you just realise what you are and it's so definate like when your putting puzzle peices together and they just fit into place. Like when your little and you realise that you have 10 fingers and 10 toes or if your left handed or right handed.

Yeh this is what happens to me!

Ah I see. That's cool

Yeah it hurts A LOT

Your bones are stretching and breaking and shrinking. Of course its gonna hurt, especially the first shift. I learned that the hard way. Lol, but seriously its no wonderland or yellow brick road.

You turn into a wolf. Your bones have to re position themselves in order for you to turn. It's not like a huge man-like wolf. It's an actual wolf you turn into.

Oh my ******* god you have to be kidding me right lol.

I know right so annoying

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a lot of us are actually like that and I'm ashamed to say it but it's true, there's no war but there are quite a few racist vampires if that's what you want to call it

I believe there is no war between vampires and wolves. I'm a half breed and there isn't many like me, but there are. HybridFighter could be more helpful but I'm pretty sure there's no war. They probably just don't like wolves or they're faking it because they think they're supposed to hate wolves

My best friend is a half breed. But her step sis is a vamp. Then her friend is a vamp who is in love with me. I am a pure bred werewolf! And the guy is evil! EVIL! Help!*whine*


I can kill him.I am a necromancer, werewolf, and a deomon. She is was born my spirit went into a dead infants body and brought it back to life with me in it. I'm a demon in flesh. :) literally though. Its like wearing a hallowing costume for too long. I can get my demons Taccuta and Beelzebub to kill him. Or I can do it myself. I need a good fight every now and then, vamps are weak compared to wolves. Tbh

Well actually it's all good now :3 I don't even remember this 0.0 I have good terms with most otherkin nowadays.

Plus I'm hybrid myself. That was a shocker to find out.

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Sorry about them. I'm a vampire, and most usually take lycans the wrong way and attack =/

R. There hunters of your kind.... if so what r theyblike (common strategies... tactics... common weapons.... characteristics... commonly used slang and acting mannar

I want to be a werewolf only because of the techniques i use have made a hunter think I am 1 but my parents are dead so I can't find out if my family is.

I am a wolf therian. Nice to meet you. ;)

Nice to meet you too ;)

so shall i help you guys bc im truste worthy just turn me into oneplease message me if your a real werewolf at ok pleas we can tlk ill tell you the hell of my life and you can be my mentore just please do me the favoure and turn me

you cant be turned its in the dna either you have the gene or you dont

I am willing to deal with the pain of changing. I do want to be afflicted with Lycanthropy but not for my own personal gain, so I can help as many as I can. If there are Vampires out there that wish violence upon us, than I will surely assist other Werewolves to deal with them in a civil manner if possible. I must know how to become one.

@storm7714we need to be friends vamps and us

then maybe you can help me i heard for a first time i heard a werewolf howl but i live in a city <br />
it wroke me up in the night. . then i felt someone touch me. but i felt right to sleep again. then i dream of a werewolf . it as yellow eye and brown hair and mostly was on it for paws. it did not hurt me thought . it was just look as if it knew me. so i just fall the werefore. it as a big house. is it not normal for a werewolf not to act a human. though. please need help not joking around.<br />
i dream of vampire and demon and even angel. and also witch and now werewolf . can you please help me.

many fakes have been spotted but i am lucky because i have some helth problems like hypoglycemia which makes me black out before i go into hunt mode plus i live in st.louis so yeah.

Like Minnesota? that St.Louis?

Whoa so ur a real lycanthrope mi crazy dad thinks hes a halfbreed nd mi aunt calls me a werewolf. Bu t i think werewolves r awsome nd i luvvv them

There are no such thing as half your either one or not

do not EVER hunt...whether the town has vampires in it or not. Now i'm sorry to tell you this, but your not actually going to turn into a 10 foot hairy creature that resembles a wolf. If you would like details on being a werewolf. Then feel free to message me either here or at You seem very confused and i'm not even sure if you are a wol f or not, but feel free to message me with questions and details about your life and i can confirm or deny for you whetehr it's fact or not. My physical body may be only 17 but the wolf within me has been born many a times through the centuries. I can help you, so message me.

Sorry but noone can turn into that big its just a wolf but a bit bigger one

My best friend also wants to be a wearwolf i keep telling him later later.<br />
Really im might never turn him it is because they dont need this preasure they dont know what it is like when turned the paine dosnt go away and people think it is the moon hahaha. The moon only preasures are blood making are heart pump faster what really changes us are well us. it is hard to explaine but 6 years ago when i tranceformed i almost killed my father.... I cant live with my self knowing that now and then. And a mear Human having that kinda of power they dont know what to do with it. They havnt learnt from Scratch. And if u do wanna try and make them like us witch might fail is very hard.<br />
The rate of survival for humans are 1 out of 100 every year. they viruse we carry kills them most the time.

turn me into one be my mentor and ill show you tht i can be and lear your ways i lear quick i obey i rescpect im responsible

No you have to be born one

please do it please

didnt u mean to spell werewolf

Also that's good as werewolves do not turn human as they can't because the person actually has to be born one

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do you have any proof that you are a genuine werewolf and that your friend is a real vampire other than the stereotypic things you would read in books, see on tv, and movies such as twilight, that are completely inaccurate and fake. something that only another true werewolf would only know so that others wont lump you in with all those other obsessive twilight fans. like for example when do you transform? only during a full moon or whenever you feel like it? do you have control over it and remember what you are doing but no control over your urges and desires to do things in that state or form. also if you bite someone can you transform them into a werewolf or not? I've been studying the paranormal, myths, and legends for 8-9 years now and i have been interested in finding other real werewolves to talk with but all i find are people who think they are werewolves or vampires just like the series twilight. big disapointment.

uhh... u guys have watched too much Twilight hahaha :D

Lol jokes on you I don't watch twilight