I've always been drawn to animals, first horses, then tigers (still drawn to tigers though), and now, wolves. I go insane when I find out about a good movie or book with werewolves in it.
Full moon is when my power peaks, and when hunger strikes. I growl and bark at people, and stalk around, feeling extreme delight when I'm able to surprise people.
Sometimes, I let myself go all out during martial arts training, living up to the nickname "Demon Girl/Demon Wolf/Demon Tiger".
Anyone got tips as to what the hell I should do with this craze of mine?

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You're a therian just like me! Yay! I act the exact same as you. To be honest, I can't find any way to control my feelings completely. I find that if you just let go, act how you want to act, you gain the control over your wolf side.

And why can't you all just get along or decide that you all just hate each others guts... seriously just get it out of the way, it works for us

I am the same

Remember your place Lycanthrope.

It's the 21st century and things are changing. My gf is a vampire yet I'm a wolf and we love each other to death. She doesn't feed on humans just wild animals. Perhaps we judge vampires as humans judge us.

Wow that spic not trying to be mean if you are looking at this text in a differnt angle than me

Try to keep your wolf abilities under wraps best you can. Our time is near ladies and gentleman. Please email me at dakotahuber@hotmail.com. We don't need to live this way anymore. We are protectors yes, but what else are we? We are no longer the top of the food chain. I'm not ever suggesting to eat human, like vampire scum. I'm merely saying it's possibly to live together, so why fear them?...Why did they kill our kind centuries ago?..jelousy...they are jelous of us. But if we surface now, in the 21st century, we can live in peace. Please, email me at dakotahuber@hotmail.com with any questions, idea's or if you'd just like to talk to a very, very aged wolf...beforea ny assumptions are made...my flesh body is 17...but the wolf within me has been reborn through the centuries. Please email me asap

as a human myself i might not be a good idea to come out in the open. I hate to admit it but the human race is not ready for your race yet. yes there are a few that will except you but the odds r not in good right now.

Nah I don't bite. They say human does not taste well.

LOL i agree

Dont bite Some one.<br />
If u are a true wearwolf we promised are Ancestors that we would not bite a human.<br />
Even tho the urge is there we promised and that is our word.<br />
That is also the creation of war between eaky Vampires and the true warrior Wolves. We fight to give the humans 1 last chance we have lived for far to long and vampires couldnt give a bloodStone dweep. Talking of that noo keep mind of promised. anyway yes that is why we fight remmember.

yes we did a long time ago

Do i know exactly what you mean! The best thing you can do is when you have an urge think of something you really really love (e.g. ice cream, puppys etc.) and let it engulf you and fill you head to toe, taking over your senses. This only works if you consentrate really hard (i once had to hide in a closet to do this, it was a bad day for me) and if you consentrate really hard it will work and calm you done so you are able to control your urges. If you need to talk please let me no and i will be more than happy to help xxxx