I'm a real werewolf, I have been for al ong time. My wolf body is very aged and has been reborn through a few centuries. I've faught many wars, both human and supernatural. I'm searching for some REAL supernatural beings. It's hard to find those out there who are real and legit, especially with so much twilight bullshit going on where everyone thinks taht tehy are real. If you know you are real. If you have questions as to if you are real. Please get into contact with me, either here, or I can help you find who you really are. I am currently a lone alpha due to this problem and shortage of people who are willing to admit that they are real....and yes..a lone alpha...i don't do well with authority...I can get along with others just fine, but when given orders something clicks inside me. I didn't choose to be an alpha, you are born that way. Anyways, I've trailed off from the main topic, if you are real and legit...or if you think your legit...or if you simply have some questions. Please do not feel hesitant about contacting me at

thank you
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Pm me

I don't have msn anymore

xakuma finally a alpha finally a mentore please sir we need to talk importantly iv sent you a request on msn its agu_villegas truste me we need to talk respond as soon as possible ok !

I seek to become a Lycanthrope. Please, if there is anyway I can become one I am all ears. I do not wan someone biting me though, at least I'd rather not. I feel I MUST become one.

i dont think we would get along if we met in public. i would smell you immediatly. im quite dominant to you see. but however my pack is ba<x>sed in scotland but if you would like to share ideas i wouldnt mind :)

I hate that fake twilight crap too. it drives me nuts that the werewolves look like just giant wolves and my best friend is a vampire who aparently does not sparkle and unfurtunatly i don't think i live anywhere near you because i live in las vegas nevada in the united states. oh and i also was in a war that i won and saved the world.

Which one?

one of many

Can you turne me into a werewolf and be my frinde

lol tht kind of sounded i dont know the word

I have to be BORN a werewolf


Hmmm why is that?

I'm a lone alpha because there are no others in my area that are like me

Well I just found this website and I don't know if I'm a Lycan yet. Just curious why are you a lone alpha.

I appreciate the offer friend. But myself being an Alpha already I can't exactly join a pack. Thank you though, I am currently in New York

i am a wolf therian, which country do you live in? i already have a pack if you are interested, brother.

I wish that I could be a real werewolf too. But nobody wants a lame human being. I hate my life I can't stand it anymore. & nobody understands me at all I hate my life badly. I want to change to my life for ever. Nobody wants to me anymore. & I'm in a great werewolf pack. I don't know how much more longer I want to be human. I can't it anymore. I hope you can understand that. Oky. Thanks.