well i guess from the top is a good place to start,im 16,and up until now i have been moving around in a van with my family of 7, we are all werewolves,i guess you can say were a pack yes,its kinda weird calling it that its just been a family up until the danger started,around conneticut i had made these freinds,we were having coffe when i smelt the worst smell ever,i was about to throw up so i got up and started darting for the door,when i bumped into a man in a dark outfit i said im sorry and ran past him,outside i  had threw up,and was going to go back inside when the mad grabed me by my neck and lifted me of the ground with one hand,i  am about 152 was him smelling like that,it was terrible,and i am alwayas calm hence my username but i was geting angry and it started,my father told me never to change without supervision from him or anyone else in the family,but i had to i felt my skin strech till it felt like my face was melting,my muscles did the same i kicked of fof him mi transformation and ran away in a wierd 3 legged pace until i reached the edge of a forest....i had made it to my family eventually and we are now moving without stopping only for gas on various occasions we catch this man at places what should we do,he only goes for the younger ones
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Was the smell somewhat like rotting flesh? If so, it might have been or a demon, or a vampire... (I don't really know if the latter still exist but there are huge grudges throughout history within our kind and theirs...)

sounds like you just werent strong enough

That may have been the case back then,yeah

I think some guy new something about me like he did for you but as I havnt changed I fought my way how are you managing

Ambush the bastard<br />
rend him with fang and claw<br />
demons will hide in fright<br />
when werewolves go to war<br />
<br />
There are seven of you, pick your spot and give him a lesson he wont be able to forget. Hunter or demon he will be toast. Happy hunting. direwolfj >^..^

but u have to be careful one wrong move and tht's it for you

can you turn me into a werewolf pleas

He's a karas demon if he smelled like sewage... he's looking for souls. Try carrying any kind of holy ob<x>ject with you that has a high value to you. Try to stay together and do not change because that is how he finds you, and if you can hide your scent.

demons can be or in hell or in a human, sure sometimes u would think they were an ob<x>ject but no. they follow the ob<x>ject but cling on the human. if he is a demon then u are sooooo dead! they are strong creatures.

Thank you all for your concern and advice,I've currently acquired a fone,and have updatedon my life,please read and tell me what I should do,itsw killing me waiting like this

can we meet it would be great i mean i want you to turn me into one of you guys i mean i can take the responsibility and plz atleast think lets tlk about it do you have msn or facebook we can tlk about this privatly and we can both get wht we want

i keep my wolf locked inside. it never gets of the chain. 2 much damage done. m boyfriend is one too. we agree that in a big city its better to hide.

Wewe tend to avoid bigger cities for alpha said there "some sort of fanged cesspools"

i to am a werewolf and i have dealt with things a lot worse than that so my advice is that if he appeares at different places, can pick you up with one hand, and stinks that bad then he's not human hes probably a certain type of demon that hunts werewolves and he gos after the younger ones because usually but not all the time the younger ones arent as strong as adults and are eisier to catch. his smell is probably the werewoves extreme sense of smell that can usually indicate different types of demons. my solution is to take out the plroblem as a family or he'll never go away learning as he gos along eventually succeeding.

i am terribly sorry to hear this<br />
you can all come stay with me if you would like<br />
its a nice cozy place in the woods<br />
<br />
maybe he is another male looking to eliminate the others offspring, but than again if he was another male you would have felt his intentions through you, perhaps hes a hunter<br />
if so keep moving<br />
he wont stop, killing the younger ones is easier to entice the bigger older ones to come and play(life or death) with this guy<br />
besides if he can kill a younger one it will stop them from reaching full power and potentail<br />
<br />
i understand that you and your family would like to be left alone and just want to live a normal life with out having to be on the run, or perhaps running from yourselves<br />
i am most intrested in meeting you

thank you, I'll have to get back to you on that,things are currently more hectic in my life than usual

So I was wondering when you shifted what did it feel like. I've never shifted before and it's 4 days till a full moon and I got angry and I felt this heaving or something in my chest it's hard to explain and I wasn't breathing so ya

Whoa soo ur a werewolf cool most people would find that weird but i dont thats pretty awsome....

Heh,you'd be suprized how open people are about things like this

nice man good thinking doing that when in a sicharatinon like this best to shiftshape and try to get away

even if i aint a werewolf (which i want to be) still good thinking