All It Takes Is The Eyes Not The Fang

I simple took the back of his neck and made him face me looking deep into my eyes the heartless control there can shake so many to the core and it did, he turned his eyes away and slowly fell to his knees releanting to me strength as a blood shed I caputered him and took him back to be returned to his alpha who never understood how I returned him without a mark on him, eventually someone well show him the truth in strength not in arm in soul and he well fall to quiet and harmless.
lesson here I hope you take away i not every wolf is not to lead it takes more strength then some can muster so be carful who you allow to lead you.
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Im not a werewolf yet but im trying iv thought this through and this is what i want but i need help will anyone help me???

i used to hav a bad leader, anyone he found, he killed....thats y i had to go he was a bad influince on everyone and me in the pack hes probly dead now but last time i saw him, he was being chased by hunters

thoughts wouldn't have been hunters real pack leaders well kill a killer

those words are true not everyone is meant to lead and one of the most important things is eye contact i like to be looked in the eye when im being spoke to and i look people in the eye when i speak to them it shows respect which is another important thing

sounds good