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I've looked at a few of these stories and I've seen a few that say they want to be werewolves. Now, personally I love wolves more than anything and secretly wish to be a werewolf but I noticed how many people seemed to shoot down this girls desire to be one.
I mean I understand the fact that she was young and didn't have a good reason but it seemed harsh to me.
With me it seems like the only logical next step in that aspect. I love the night and am fascinated by the moon. It always seems to draw my attention no matter where I am and there are so many things that make me feel like a werewolf is what I was meant to be. I understand there is more to it than what anyone can imagine but still.
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Well sorry but werewolves were just telling truth which human could become one

Hello the author of this post umm real werewolves ain't crashing down people wish dreams to be one they are just simply telling the truth that you have BORN one spells and bites don't work they are just being honest also if they could they still wouldn't some would bit think about it it would cause drama and chaos

i want to be one so bad, no one in my family understands i feel alone all the time the moon looks at me and i stare right back it just feels right some please turn me

Sorry but no one can turn you

i want to be one maby i already am but i think so cause i have very good reflexis dount think that matters have very good sight and hearing to so any one think so and is there a certain age befor u transphorm

The age you're ment to shift change is 17 18 19 20

Who's this girl who was denied transformation? Of course maybe she's young but we don't know her personal story, believe me, sometimes humans just wish they were reborn and what better way than becoming a totally different specie? Tell her to send me a message...

send me a message, tell me what you heard, I feel you are depressed, I might help :)

Pm me

But You can't because being turned or bitten nor spells don't work you have to actually be Born one

My fellow packs please stop commenting do u want them to kill us I stand for every pack when I say stop doing all this that I why I am calling a meeting at the granit falls to night then we will diside

well to let you know it really has nothing to do with the night less then to hide easier, shifting someone is not a common practice and someone dispreat badly to be so is often taken as kind of an insult not as a interest so I of course understand why they spoke with anger or pure insulte.<br />
think of it as this many shifted people end up dead an or uselessly crazed there for a risk not worth wasting the time on besides the fact of age and so on does come into effect.

oh but it does. wolves hunt mostly at night and if werewolves exist does magic not exist as well? Night and the moon have been symbols of the unknown for along time so I'm just saying the beauty of being in the presence of the moon (weather it be Just awe or not) is most exelerating I'm sure for many people even werewolves

if you want a relation to reality real wolves hunt day an night why would a spiece in relations to the wolf only hunt at night? besides the human mind set of hiding as in a cow side object passes across a feild at night and you can barely make out even its true size someone is more likly to think it a dog or even in some places a cugar.
many relgiouse groups hold the moon as holy in prechristion times an still to this day some do but thanks to religouse highs and other lows you would be looking and more likely meeting a catholic wolf then a pagan one.
If you want to have proof in magic you don't need to await seeing a werewolf look into the jewish faith amongest its stories of turning a clay figure into the defender of the town is a sign that such things exisit and are still apartly taught today.

There is magic in the world but it hides, much like the other things like it.