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Vampires Vs. Wolves

over the years us wolves and vampires have been fighting our whole lives. Nothing has changed now u have to learn this vamps im not ever going to give my land up for any vampire. If your smart enough you will stay the heck away from me and my family or i will rip all of your vampire hearts and never look back!
silvertear1st silvertear1st 13-15, F 54 Responses Nov 24, 2011

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Since when have vampires and werewolves hated each other -o-;... This isnt twilight children -_-;


I actually wouldn't mind that, at least I wouldn't be hungry, although I'm not sure where I'd end up

I think that the generalization that Werewolfs and Vampires hate each other is crap. Not all the vampires are bad, I'm best friends with 3 of em, of course we don't always see eye to eye but it does'nt mean we have to fight. Their is a thing called a compramise. its what everybody does every day. we do it though we may not like it, we do it to keep the friendship.

I think you need to show a little more respect towards vampires. Not all of them want your "land". Threats are threats and there is always going to be some one bigger and badder than you.

im sure there a vamps out there that wont hurt a human but is it not in your guys' nature

i believe that we cud get along but as a werewolf i only eat animals and wont kill a human but will harm if necessary

I've heard of packs that accept vampires into they're pack. They breed too!


Is there still slayer

yeah, there are, but they only do stuff if they see us as a threat.
where i am, my friends brother in law is a slayer but he only slays males.. idk, slayers are weird

Theres never been a war of the two anyone who says there is, is strung up in the world of roleplaying, twilight, underworld, etc. vamps and therians have no real world war going on. us and therians have enough to worry about from the mundane we wouldnt waste our time.

I think vamps and wolves should get along. Both are hunters, they like their meat rare and they are at peace in the dark.

I dont think Im a vamp...Had alot of dreams of being one but anywhoooo.....Um the reason why Im here is to know if this kind of stuff is real.I know there is vampirism,and Im stuck on werewolves.You see Im writing a book on fantasy and stuff,but want it to be more realistic instead of it being a tweaked copy of another fantasy book out there so can someone please give me info.:) thanks appreachiate it alot.

hi, i'm a vamp and almost all my friends are wolfies, we get along just fine

i want to be a vamp, is there a way to find if vamps live near you like a spell or something plzzzzzz help i really wana be a vamp

Meant to say beefing.

Wer actually not needing with them anymore..... Its kinda like the americans and the middle easterns.... Just because of bad decisions they have beef because of a few select..... But there are Americans who could ciare less about the hate of middle easterns.... They and the middle easterners still get its all on how u view the world and u personel point of view..

You know, vampires and werewolves where in a grudge once, and it was over centuries ago, I don't understand why all the hate... It's like if the british and the americans still had a war, or as if mexico and spain where still in war... It's non sense...

I don't have anything against wolfies. I joined a pack of cute little wolves! The war is dead. Don't hate, be nice. :)

Yepperdep! :D

Werewolves and vampires were never at war, why would you say this? People who think there is a war of the species only want to draw attention, or they are a roleplaying twilight fan.

It's interesting to see how the comments are divided on the topic. My pack lives in peace with vampires, and other beings. We do have a treaty with the vampires though, but that is to ensure peace. The coven that lives on my land is a 50/50 shot. Some have mates that are part of my pack while others look at us with disgust. In all honesty I don't understand why any one hates them. The only difference between us and them is that they drink blood, and have fangs. While we can change into a wolf,and have fur/paws/snout/tail. The "war" ended years ago, the only thing left from it is hate. I don't see why you should hate a fellow creature of the night/day.

I'm a young werewolf I'm a loner I don't tell anyone because alot of people take me as a joke but I cant help what I am I love to run on all fours and love to howl and stare at the moon my family finds it weird because I'm the only one I've been searching for a pack but there aren't alot of believers it sucks

I know a few vamps one of them is in my pack the others hate my wolfself. I'm a alpha male of a bloodwolf pack out a werewolf one.

I meant to say not a werewolf pack

Forbidden love then........ ;(

aww be nice i grew up with vamps they arent that bad... then again i snapped at them all the nigh keeping them in place..... buuuuttttt my best friend is a vamp... SO BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!

i am a shifter, i dont like vampires but i dont hate them either. i had a friend who was one but he got killed by some of my pack just because he walked into our terrortory. i think that this needs to end otherwise we are all going to kill each other!

i guess thats true

my best friend is an vampire what are you talking about imbeclies! you guys are gonna end up killing yourselfs out of trival hate! you should be ashamed of yourselfs!

Vampires are real then?

Uhh, duh.

Well, what do you understand in terms of "vampire"? A blood-suckign creature with superhuman strength et alii?

well they can go years with out feeding, and they might be a bit more powerful than humans but they could probablly get alot stronger if they wanted to. they are not at all what humans and their movies make them out to be though.

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I think they all just hav a inherent hate fr eachother cuz they think vampires as parasites, vamps probably didn't do anything, they just hated them over the years and in my opinion I think it's stupid

Thank you!

wanted to ask how long has this "war" been going on for and why do werewolves and vampires hate each other. is it something the firsts did that has been carried on or is it because theres something that makes you hate each other that you can't explain?

well i thik ear them to streds if you vamps no what i meen or are you too dum or scared write back if you dare

i am a real wolf but thing is, i dont have a pack. i have a group of friends like a normal teenager but the thing is, reason i dont have a pack is because all the males in my family died off and the females in my family for some reason carry no visual or sensual signs of being a of my friends is a vampire, he is not nice, he is not mean. he is a neutral factor. he does not have an opinion on the war he just seems to not care. another friend seems to be, he smells like one and acts of an alpha but i cant see how he would be. he seems alone all the time. and the other one is just a regular dumb ***.

I am in almost the same situation, and becausevof that i got people saying im not a real shifter! Urgh!

why do vapmire n werecreatures hate each other?

I dont understand wolves talking about us like were monsters we dont hav to kill our pray