I Am Going To Be One.

I am almost a Pure-Blood werewolf(I found out on Ancestry.com :D) I am going to do a spell on January 9th (its the full moon) to become a full shape-shifting werewolf.
I'm also starting lessons from here: https://sites.google.com/site/razgrizrta

I love knowing that i have werewolf blood its really cool.

 i don't have a long story but i hope its enough.
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Spells do Not work one lil bit so sorry and if you have the blood and gene and was born one your already one but won't shift until the age of 17 , 18 , 19 and 20

Also the full.moon has.no effect on werewolves either and they will.not make you one either

you can't become one of us by spell yes 100 years ago there was most likely a witch powerful enough and the spells where most likely not gone back then but today those spells has been lost in time so give up

No. Just no. You're not a werewolf and people like you make me want to pull my hair out. I wonder what my friends over at Razgriz would say if they saw this. Probably laugh...

I totaly agree!! O3O they keep posting bullshit all over the place

o3o Ancestry.com tells you about werewolves...?

Really?????? I wonder how they know

really? if you are telling the truth, congrats! if not, go away and lie elsewhere!!!

How can you be almost a pure blooded werewolf? You are either born one, changed into one by selection, or by black magic. A Pure Blooded werewolf is born into his affliction from birth. Please do your homework and study about our race in much more depth before considering to become an active member. <br />
<br />

What do you mean changed by selection?

Changed by Selection meaning the pack has chosen you to become a member of theirs. Usually because you possess skills or information they need in order to survive or thrive.

Thanks, but how do you get selected?

Well black magic will do it but no black witch is powerful enough and all them metamorphic spells are lost in time

No you cannot. Change or turn a human

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I figured out that i can shift but i don't know how to control it.


believe you i am a lone female wolf from england

I'm from England I hate are weather I still can't believe people come to England as a holiday cause how cold it is well to humans

thats weird i never had to do a spell it just happened

hahahah i love the symtom you gave us werewolves like we actually get any of those

i got the symptoms from the internet.

Lol crack up

Really? On Ancestry.com? Who would have thought they had "those" type of records.