5th Grade Story

have you ever start to act like a wolf in reccess? my story in 5th grade is well a difficult to tell. it was on reccess and someone asked me if i was a werewolf i was confused on what he said. now im all the way in 6th grade and what can i do if someone ask the same question? i need some info
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2012

First off don't get mad. Humans are naturally curious. If your not careful your emotions may cause you to change and that is very bad in public. Second act like you think they are crazy for even asking such a question. Laugh it off and say something like you have to be kidding. Keeping the secret is the number one priority. Lie outright if you have to but try other ways first. If you have any more quesitons feel free to message me personally.

just dont im in 7th grade and all i do is just keep all the anger in until there gone

i need alot of info for not attacking the person who ask