Alright. So i think im a werewolf because i have gotten a partial p shift last full moon. I couldnt get a full shift. Is there a way to get a full shift? Or maybe if another werewolf would bite me if i could fully shift. Please comment.
GirlAlphaWolf GirlAlphaWolf 16-17, F 3 Responses Jan 24, 2012

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it hurts but don't fight, embrace. Or it wasn't a true full moon, lycan and regular wolf are 2 different things, a lycan can shift any time on command, wolves only shift at night and can't control it on true full moons

it will eventually change all the way...if its in your genes you cant be changed by a wolf its to risky but you can always seek the advice of another wolf

foreveristolong0009 female alpha wolf

I have something to say about that actually, it's not for me but my half sister, she has also obtained a partial shift, i think it has something to do with being a half-lycan.

Thanks for commenting. You could be right. I will have to wait and see because i am coming up on the time when i usuqlly shift in a little bit. Do you know anything else about half-lycans?