Dear Werewolves and Vampires alike,

I am a ordinary human very curious on what makes you believe you are a Werewolf/Vampire or how you came about being a Werewolf/Vampire. Do you go through actual 'shift's' as I've noticed you have called them? Have you told anybody about you're change? Are you able to control you're shift's? And if you are seeking to be a Werewolf/Vampire, what make's you believe this all real (no offense, as a human I have my doubt's) or what makes you want to change? I am very curious for answer's and may be looking for a online interview of some sort's. Thank you for you're time and I'm looking forward to you're replies.

P.S. What is it about the word "snowman" that effect's you?..

Emily (human)
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well i know im a werepire the same way you know your a human. its a bit to complicated for me to explain.

sorry to tell you this put werewolves arent real. transforming is impossible your dna, cells, and whole bone structure would have to change. but that would be cool if they did exist.

To be a werewolf means to be one with the animal inside of you, the inner beast roams freely in your soul. This manifestation of the inner animal takes place as both a physical change as well as a psychological change as well. As in the human growth period, werewolves also grow through puberty and into adolescence. We love and care for one another much like humans do, except for the fact that while among our pack we protect and respect each other equally and whole heartedly. We very rarely wage war on one another for the shear fact that our numbers are too low and it's not in our nature. We will compete for mates, for food sometimes, but we inherently know not to kill our kin unless we have no other choice. Humans on the other hand wage war out of jealousy, greed, personal gain, and for the simple enjoyment of bloodshed. You will not find that manner of behaviour among our kind...only the youth of our race tend to do such rash behaviour.<br />
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If there are more questions that you seek then by all means ask them of us and we will gladly inform you if we can.<br />
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Sincerely,<br />
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i have to agree with girlalphawolf . we do shift and all and most of us have not exposed ourselves. you can doubt all you want but we are real. you can control wheen you shift most times. m shift and p shift as you have heard about are also real. i beleive this because its who i am and what i am and im not ever going to change that<br />
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foreveristolong0009,female alpha wolf ps: proud to be

I agree with wolfalone... The answer isn't a word, its a feeling. The feeling that you just "know". We do shift, m and p shifting and no i have not told anybody about shifting except this website. We want to shift because we want to be in touch with our wolf. It isn't a want, its a need. We believe this is real because if it isnt real, then we ourselves are not real.

its not like we just believe it we feel it inside of us

I understand your reservations on believing us but we werewolves are very real. Yes we do shift. There are m-shifts and p-shifts and both are able to be controlled to a point. Physical shifts are always able to be controlled. Although the full moon may give some of us inspiration by its beauty, it has no control over when we shift. M-shifts will become permanent after some time, but for us that is a good thing. For me, being a werewolf is not a belief, it is a fact just like a butterfly. When born, they look like every other caterpillar in the world, but after they change they become something more. We do not know what we are when we are born, it is a journey that we all must take to find out truly what we are.