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Help Anyone Please Turn Me Into A Werewolf

i real want to become a werewolf super badly but i dont know how. i dont want to do witch craft or black magic or sell my soul to the devil please if you live in ohio pleasecome in turn me into a werewolf i know every thing about werewolves its just i dont know how to become one so if u decide to turn me into one i well be super great full ill talk personal to the person whos going to turn me into a werewolf please!!!!!!
dezbanks123rd dezbanks123rd 13-15 65 Responses Feb 10, 2012

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You need serious psychiatric help.

Me 2 i am stil searching for it tel me u gt sumthng....i realy want to be a werewolf

By now you have probably moved on with your life Dez, but before you go running to the local pack let me tell you of some of the bad things of being a werewolf. Yes, we are strong and yes we are powerful however all human friends you will ever know shall become your hunger, your feast. Everyday I crave the spill of blood from the humans that surround me, and after being an Omega werewolf for 10 years trust me it doesn't get any better. Furthermore gaining the ability of the lychanthorpe without witchcraft or safety is a terrible idea, believe me I know. I became what I am today because I went out for a walk under the night of a blood moon, I was only 7 years old and the pain in my head, the scratches and cuts I received when I woke was not pleasant. I am not saying being a werewolf is a bad thing, I embrace it whenever I can and I am proud to be one of the moon. But take my advice, make sure that if you do want to turn you are fully protected from the shifting effects, either with warding or me you'll thank me.

plaese in 11 years old i always loved wolfs eversince i was born. i want you to turn me please i live in harlingen TX,mcleallen road. please ill do any thing please turn me!!

Becoming a breed of the lycanthropus blend of the werewolf and acquiring hircine's gifts enables one to live a powerful life.Join the seventh sixth pack of the Hademus,know the shapeshifting techniques,spells,feel among and enjoy supernatural gift.Life is so interesting.


Okay now how do I do that

Can you help me

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I am a werewolf and the only way to become one is to be bitten or be one genetically personally my parents are the alpha and female alpha (the only wolves apart from the elders aloud to mate) and if you are bitten most packs won't accept you anyway because you are only half werewolf (you can't control yourself when you transform) and don't ask me because i won't bite anyone because you be slaughtered by my pack before you could even ask

I live in human but I've heard of a spell.its most common and I'm trying it this full moon. Contact me for the spell

yeah...went through this phase...when I was like 5...still not a wolf

any werewolf in Perth?? ehe please come to willetton if there is a werewolf <3

Yeah. Being a werewolf is not something you just catch. I know with my kind you were born a werewolf.

Any werewolf packs in fredricksburg va

I would love to be turned into a werewolf please. If anyone in Jacksonville is a real life werewolf I would to be turned .

any werewolf in texas contact me. i know this is stupid but its my dream to be a werewolf aand have a mate. alot of people have left me in my life and im not even 20. i really want this an di will do almost anything. please help me. and i dont want to be a rouge so i will need a pack. please. i really want this. and i really believe. people mak efun of me but i still believe.

Anyone in Alberta Canada willing to turn me into a werewolf? I am a dominant in human form therefore will be strong enough to survive the change and will be able to control my natural instincts once I become one. If anyone is willing to turn me into one (and prove to me that they are actually in fact a werewolf and not one of those people who like to mock those who believe in such things) please contact me!

I am in singapore and i also wants to be a werewolf badly.I dont mind the consequences.Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help Anyone Please Turn Me Into A Werewolf!!!!!!! please can someone please turn me into a werewolf. i know every thing about werewolves, but i don't know how to turn myself so any one who knows how to turn people that are not werewolves could you come turn me into a werewolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SO ONE COME HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also want to be werewolf

Me too!

me 3

I don't have to tell you this but werewolves cant be created they have to be born

no they can. There is a magic spell to turn into or spiritual process to become one. Actually some members of pack i know want to experiment those spell. They will not work on werewolf born. Only on humans.

We'll I've never heard of that. The wolf is part of your soul you can't change that. Not with a spell. But you might be a wolf already as you are trying to become one which is a tell tale sight of the wolf trying to come out

i am a werewolf and i am 16 alpha of my pack and you can change someone to a werewolf but they have to be bitten or mauled by an alpha

Hey if you live in Akron Ohio zip 44319 would you msg me and tell me were we can meet so you can bite me I'm 13

could you turn someone if you wanted to? i mean would you if they asked you possibly?

wat age would u have to be to transform for the first time

There is no age limit

What is the spell or ritual. I dream of being a werewolf.can you please help me

wat is the spell i love werewolves i have tried many spells but idk if any worked can u help me

**** you

Or be born with the ability to be the chosen one

Chosen one????????/:|

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I wanna be a werewolf badly.I am in singapore.turn me into one please!No matter the consequences.

i wanna be one too i live in singapore

I am in singapore too!I have same wishes an d desires as you.

I am in Illinois lucky I'm by indiana next to werewolves but how do I become one

And message me if you can turn me plz

If you are in New Zealand can you turn me plz all I want to do it become a werewolf . I would never kill someone I would learn to contral it

Could someone please turn me. I would be very happy because my personality is pretty much that of a wolf.

Also if any1 is in a pack could I possibly join🐺😀

Well I'm in a pack but no one is alowed to join in less they can prove there a wearwolf

Then you turn me into one first please lah!!!

Then can you turn me into one?Then i can prove myself.

It's against wearwolf code

Can't do it

Done it once not doing it agian

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Every few nights I have this dream that I run around the streets where I live and I sometimes kill something as I wake up with dried blood all over my face and hands. It starting to freak me out but I think that if I could get this under control it will be cool.

So u a werewolf when u get it control come bit me

Bite me.I live in singapore bkbatok str21 blk216

I know that like a year old but still people really want to be werewolfs

You obviously don't know everything about wolves and the term "werewolf" is rather offensive to some.

Lycanthrope is a genetic disorder/mental disorder...It iis not something you can catch....It is not a pleasent experience to go through the transformational process, in fact it is quite painful and heart rending.
Please hear me young one for this is vital..."DO NOT GIVE ANY. ONE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION"

I would not become a werewolf for such petty reasons. Bullying, hard times, etc is a part of laugh and it teaches us strength and valuable lessons. If it is true that werewolves have no control over what they do and that they can only turn under a full moon, then why would you want that curse. You would feel nothing but guilt and remorse for an eternity not to mention that their souls are damned(this is all according to legend). Now, if werewolves even live forever and can control themselves and/or turn on will, that would some what be a different story however, with it would probably come many responsibilities as well as fear. If I was a werewolf i would never turn people for such petty reasons nor would i wish it upon anyone if it was as bad as some legends make it out to be. I am not trying to demean any true believers out there for I am a believer. I too would like to become a werewolf despite everything I have just said for one reason that i do not find petty...LOVE. i am truly in love with a girl and she is truly in love with me and i would give anything, even the damnation of my soul to be with her. and if i cant control myself under full moons i would chain myself up to make sure no harm would be done to innocent people. I am sick, and she is aging and though we are still young adults we have even both agreed we would want this. So, if a true werewolf reads this i would ask that you consider turning me. if not, i would understand. Please, do not belittle this comment for love is something nothing can overwhelm.

Hey guys my dreams usually come true and i had a dream last night that i turned into a wolf and started growling at someone then i woke up exhausted which neva happens it was as if i shape shifted while asleep but i was wanting to ask is it possible to have thispower and i also woke up one morning and shook my head like a dog coming out of a bath oh im 14 hit puberty 3 years ago is it possible my blood line lycantherapy shows at this age

What's up joshurollins I think I'm a werewolf 2 so if u live in Sydney do u want 2 make a pack or something like that😀

If you are werewolf ,turn me