This Youthful Ignorance Has Got To Stop!!!

Either real or not it's stupidity bold face stupidity a child claiming to run a pack. I'm sorry no scratch that I'm not sorry I'm 26 have JOB a really high paying one an can barley manage, what would even 18 years old(which there are none listing as ) be able to provided for security?
Where is the support when in you parents house or worse talking online never able to be there, I mean I'm capable of providing a space too live in an jobs if needs, what **** is a 13 year old going to give a wolf who needs serious help?
What happens when a actual pack hell even a older wolf comes along?
you'll be slaughtered or beaten down forced to serve if lucky, this not a video game this life an you don't have one at application!
So stop wasting your self on false provision of support or leadership or what ever cause your mental to think you can an odds a child unmatiure illprepared an down right deadly to yourself!

I mean really whose stupid enough to trust a child leader?
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wow back off big nuts let me explain something to you. child leaders arnt chosen out of anything but nesseity. way the heck back when werewolves lived in huge packs that could number more than 100 but those packs are dissaperring. now a whole bunch of kids are just beginning there first shift and there is no one there to guide them. so they meet another teen wolf or two and they do whats natural and form a pack and one of them ends up in charge of that pack and yes they make mistakes but so does evry leader.<br />
<br />
despite all the nastalga the old packs wernt realy all that great. the alpha was basicly a tyrent you had to have "royal blood"to be alpha. you needed his permission for everything, hunting breeding even speaking. now alot of alphas are chosen by vote and anyone can work there wayy up to be alpha. plus the rules are softer.<br />
<br />
now if your one of the weres from the old fashoned packs up north i dont mean to diss your way of life. im just telling you its not the only way of life.<br />
oh and on the "horror story of my exestance" the life i descibed above isnt totaly accurate. i do know how to have funn:)<br />
<br />
also can someone tell me why my coments arnt showing? ive posted this same message 3 times but everytime i scroll to the bottom of the page my commen.t isnt there

Okay a read your first few lines you apparently haven't read anything else of mine, see there our big packs to this day we aren't in a decline.
every other youthful poster claims horrible stories guess that ****** me of because unlike humans we don't scream false news reports of horrible filled world that doesn't exist.
There's no more war between two species an hell there are wolves old as 102 .
Youth run packs or commonly problems for us like human gangs, unlike humans we solve that issue with actually stopping them.

Oh an royal bloodline crap is collar born crap you human, stop going to a old post an being obviously a troll stalking again

Yeah you don't understand in tx there's high cattle trade we've got more then you can imagine.

I am 16 years old. I am the 3rd in command in my pack and no one in my pack is over the age of 20. I have lead hunts and potrols and faught in battles against other wolves and human hunters. I've been shot stabed bit clawed and poisened and i have the scars to prove it. and iv'e kept it a secret that i am a lycantharope and avoided killing anyone. tell me again how inexperienced i am.

Number one half the 12-16 year olds say there leading a pack so let's put it like this.
If none of your pack is over 20 an your a third what's that look like good or apparently very badly hence i call bullshit or say your pack i wouldn't care about cause you die in mass so what do you guys keep screwing up.
Find better insult then a horror story of existing proving my point

alright calm down there big nuts

See my middle finger an walk away, this **** spoken has claimed the un bloodshed warrior An what you have to say?
Look cyber bullshitting I'm done hence my public challenge which stands to date, no puppy spraks off in reality werewolf or otherwise without getting hurt for his stupidity.
Walk into bar with bikers claiming to be criminal at there organization level at best you get laughed at an thrown out but more commonly they kick your *** an laugh as they do it.
This insanity fantasy calling for help insult me an everyone like me,
even worse a 13 year old running a pack hell a family with either no job or a **** one no actual home an land an expected to support others.
Wake up your bullshitting yourselves

Oh, good god! Both of you need to learn how to write! You're showing your stupid side; that's why no one will take you seriously.

Goda 30 someone how'm hates her husband has no stack here an apparently went straight for an old post, you troll again I'll just report an block you there for ending with your horror.
God's not real.

There's no reason to threaten people here; you should appreciate someone attempting to help you stop sounding like the complete *** you are. Do not threaten me again. YOUR discriminatory comment has been reported.
Read, stupid- any 5th grader knows the difference between a simple idiomatic expression and a statement of religious belief.

no a child can not lead a pack, this guy has got a point but it depends how big the pack is like if it is 3 young wolfs yes of course they can lead it

u moron trying to destroy us and we are werewolves as it is we dont want to be one we ae one so how bout that

Also, I forgot to add this: what we should be judged by is not age, but experience.

I will admit that with age comes intelligence, but there are many adults who have claimed that their child has taught them something. Should an older wolf be head of the pack? Yes, the adults seem to have more of a sense of responsibility. I apologize that you are so frustrated with the children of today's society. We don't try to be this way.

We are not human being we definitely are not taught by children being we our taught more by reality not fantasy. No children lead.

As a young wolf I found out the hard way u have to be strong to survive . More importantly as long as the child is wise he can take care of a pack

So here you saying it was hard but the "child " can a pack?
Listen close to something a child run a pack, I want to say child run army or government an feel okay or realize it wouldn't be bright at all.

y dnt u just go tell our alpha male werewolfieboy

You sent short message stating what, provide something or else well you aren't going anywhere

it always remind me my dad would turn my butt to Hamburg if was was A bad boy

Finally let me be clear ***** away trying to prove a point but again you've got words not actions or reality

Well, I do have actions, actually. You don't even know me, so don't try to judge. I really hate people who do that.

Know you? I know species the world I know what I've seen an had fix damage caused by "children packs"

Age is just a number.

Read below please, also read again your not living life yet or stable **** off

Who is acting ignorant now?

Guess what maturity doesn't remove cursing surprise read along you've not proven yourself at all

You don't even know me so obviously you can't judge.

Listen if u can protect a family u can take care of a pack otherwise u are running blind it is stupid to think that a child who can't defend themselves is capable of defending a pack but the real question is do u have the wisdom

It's not only defense it's reality of it all hence no unstable children runs a pack.

Ask any wolf in my pack, and they'll tell you yes eithout hesitation.

finally someone who gets it someone who wrapped themselfs in reality. okay imagine this if he is 18 he would at least be starting to devlope his life how can a 15 year old who has nothing to stand of run a family hell a pack even more to do with

I can because I know the results an what you don't see is a 15 year old running a real pack or even able support a pack.
matter oh fact do you honestly belivie you could support them yourself without your parents being your fall back right now?

Yes. It would be hard but I could do it.

Okay now your ******** with me, explain what would you do if wolf walked up homeless today.
Being you have home an I assume no income worth speaking of.
It's not hard it's rational an no actually aistabelished would allow children to run one at all cause it's not game

Being you have no home *

I could definitely work something out. They might not be able to stay at my house, but I have a place jus as well near me. And I do have an income actually, I have a part time job and I have tons of money saved up.

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