A New Day!

I need the help of other werewolves! I am a lone wolf. If you are not scared help me to show the mortals that we will not take any more of their hunting!!! Don't be chicken help in the fight for werewolves!!! This means WAR!!!!
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Don't call us beasts

I ment no harm in saying beast. I was speaking in genral. l will redo my statement if u like. ALL living creatures on this earth deserves to live and hunting is for food alone.

Thank you for changing that! Sorry I don't have a controlled temeper!

My temper used to be so bad that I would black out. My friends told me that I busted up some things and I dont remember doing it.

Wow that is bad

I learn to control it. I didnt want to have a a black out around my kids.

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Hunting should be for food not sport. Everyone deserves to live man or beast.

yes only for survival

I am a werewolf and I agree they shouldn't shoot us they should shoot them selves

That is a good idea!! What did we ever do to them?

The hunters are killing us because they have the far of us killing their offspring... They've done the stupid thing by thinking it will help by killing ours...

Fear not far

I'm a wolf and would do anything to help.....but I still can't shift but im getting closer...

Let us know when you get the hang of shifting!!!


Im in all the way

Hunter tartare<br />
<br />
1 hunter pummeled untill tender then slash finely<br />
for eash 2 lbs of hunter add<br />
1 egg yolk (this is good for your coat)<br />
2 tsp dijon musterd<br />
1 tb onion finely chopped<br />
1 tbs capers well drained<br />
a little tobasco<br />
1 tsp worcestershire sauce<br />
2 tbs olive oil<br />
2 tsp minced parsley<br />
salt and pepper to taste<br />
hint of garlic (helps get rid of pests IE vamps fleas worms)<br />
chill and serve with a good beaujolais or merlot<br />
Bon Appetit


MMM!! sound GOOD!!!

got that right

Hunters are delicious with a little tobasco! They are also good either boiled or fried.<br />
Im in.

Im in

Awesome!!! Do you know any other werewolves?