My Teenage Years ( No Jokes About How Long Ago That Was)

I listen to all of the stories in here and scratch my head. I don't remember all the difficulties that some of you have and I didn't discuss what went on. We did have people hunting us and the last thing we did was talk about it. We were such a mixed group of people. Wicca, vampire, shape shifters. We spent most of our time on the reservation because the native Americans were the only ones that wouldn't bother us. We had endless miles to hunt and play. I can't go into all the detail, but we had fun and enjoyed ourselves without drama. Maybe now every one has gone into hiding, although the world is more accepting. I went into hiding because I was chased around by people who wanted me to change them. As an adult I see what we were playing with, and it wasn't good. It was dark and evil. Now I look for peace and love. No longer living in the darkness, but also fearing it. The darkness hides just under my skin waiting for me to let it out. I wish I could find another to be intimate with, I miss the intimacy I shared with my mate.
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ja, ich bin in Genf Onex

English please, I got it, but not all of speak German and I haven't taken enough.

WE are predators we run free and live our lives to the fullest. we keep to ourselves mostly but accept all be they wiccan or pagen. just because we are different does not mean we dont like peace and dont love. we are neither dark nor evil. we just follow what we are.

That has been my mission lately, spreading the peace and love. The research I have done lately has been amazing and has opened my eyes to so much. I have received a lot of criticism from the retards about mixing all the different beliefs together, but all the beliefs and teachings say the same thing "Love One Another".

oooooh hunters are here more organized than never here in switzerland they are really strange i think they are no humans no more they killed 5 packs around geneva and neuchâtel in 2 months and of corse because of this most werewolfs are scared and scared equals sometimes violent i think that people are not ready to accept us some will of corse worship us but whit the worship comes TURN ME PLEASE i love twilight omagad i wanna be a werewolf and imaginate the medias hunting us down for interviews whit interviews come adress whit adress comes more and more hunters i don't know about americans but switzerland in that way is too dangerous BUT your story whit the shape shifters wicca vampire werewolf make me think a lot i wich i could knew that time seriously i envi you well on this words sayd i wish you all a great evening night or morning its night here and im sorry for my bad english oh and thanks for your post mountain mom it give me an idea byee

The Twilight thing is very annoying, but there has always been some movie out there that makes it sound all fun and romantic. There will always people who want to be turned. People need to learn to be happy with what they have. The grass is NEVER greener on the other side.


Sind Sie aus dem deutschsprachigen Teil der Schweiz?

I don't think anyone is gonna hunt u guys anymore but b careful

I hate to say this about my own kind but the ppl who hate for little or no reasons still out number us who believe in a peaceful outlook. One day maybe but not now.

wat do u mean ur kind?humans well im one and i dont wanna b turned

I wasnt talking about changing. I was talking about these uniqu ppl coming out in the open about their own kind. Its still to dangerous.