Shape Shifting/transforming

Hey, mind if I ask, when you are a werewolf, can you change form at will at anytime, why? And does it hurt like hell (like a bunch of others say) or do you feel no pain at all, quick and done. OR can you only change on certain moon cycles like new moon, full moon, first quarter, and last quarter? Is it a slow transformation and like I said earlier, quick and done. It be pretty interesting to learn about some stuff like this!
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also we can turn whenever we choose

it doesent hurt BUT ITS HOT you feel like riping you shirt off . the time depends

Really? Like whta kind of hot. Like in a boiling hottub hot or the hottest desert hot. And what do you mean by "time depends"

*what not "whta"

its like a your bloods boiling and your on fire hot and it depends on how much wearwolf blood you have

Ouch, but does the pain go away fast? And is the transformation fast or slow?

the pain goes almost instantly
the transform is useully about 30 seconds to a min

Wow, that's quicker than ,I thought it would! Thanks for
The information! Thank you for sharing of hw your transformation works and feels! :)

no problem :)

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