To All Weres Out There...

I just checked the abc news web site about the full moon. Tonight the moon will be at its closest to the earth and it will apear lager than normal @ 11:59pm est. have fun yall
DarkAngel74 DarkAngel74
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6 Responses May 5, 2012

I was out hunting, it was a howl. dinner was surved by moonlight.

sorry u lost ur prey

it was almost orange as it came up.

Im sorry u missed it. it was lovely.

Same here, bud :(

Yay! :)

My skin is crawling, I wanna get out and have some fun. Put something sexy on and have some fun....hmmm tonight does have some possibilities.

Makes me wish I had a telescope :(

Wow! That's going to be fun to look at, not a werewolf but I just love staring at the beauty of the moon. Have fun you wolves out there!