Scariest Experience Of Being A Werewolf

What is the most horrifying or scariest experience of being a Werewolf?
TheReptileGirl TheReptileGirl
13-15, F
3 Responses May 6, 2012

The nagging fear of hurting someone you love. Losing control is one of my biggest fears.

When you can control yourself because of a strong emotion.

the scariest thing is when you lose control. The worst was when three a..holes started<br />
bothering my girlfriend, they thought they were tough and showed me karate...My wolf kicked in and I showed them crazy. they were in the hospital for a week, It took five pack members to pull me off them. However they havent bothered her anymore.

Wow, five had to pull you off. Geez, well at least they learned their lesson: DON'T F..K WITH DA WOLF! Anyways is your girlfriend ok?