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Hi guys my name is Robert and I have some questions and I would like some answers of course......I'm a good and powerfull guy but there are some guys who are beating my every time they are 5 I'm 1 my parents don't have time for me and the police is f**king stupid.Every time they get warnings and stuff,I'm really beat up I don't have enithing I just need a group of guys like you(werewolves).......thats the story now the questions........How do I get a werewolve?(my family is stupid don't care,i can take fizical pain but not too much at feelings).Can i transform a specific part of the body?.How much the werewolves live?.Can I controll my transformention?(so I can be a hero and save people and stuff).What should I eat?.If you are a werewolve,in human form you are stronger?please answer :) thanks werewolves folks catch you later going.........sorry for my bad english
Campi666 Campi666
1 Response May 7, 2012

Okay buddy you need video for the cop's or a witness forcing an arrest, you need to inform someone of you parents lack of interest in such (an adult actually there not online ) .<br />
Finally wolves are not body guards make human friends rarely an shift humans the amount of healthcare being free in America has a chance at happening.<br />
Other words good luck try harder you've gone the wrong route here.

k thanks