The Hunt

Hearing the wolf howl,smelling her scent, drawing back the arrow, snap arrows in her rib cage. I turn to a wolf to confront her she snaps visiously i snap at her jaw but she slams me down with all force. I began to run her pack came running they toke her to the hospital. my job left her 17 stitches im very proud of what i recovered.
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"It good you remember your only successful kill, because you know when i have my jaws around your neck and am about to kill you stone dead? That will be a good memory to remember :)"<br />
<br />
That is what i would say to you if i believed your bullshit.<br />
<br />
I know your not even a real hunter, so stop pretending. Your just pathetic making up stories just because you cant even catch one of us. Good luck with your fantasies twilight fan.<br />
<br />
Love from, a very pissed of Alpha Female

Calm yourself dear its not real no worries besides if you'd take a human down safer to stick to human.
mostly because a grade of shotgun rounds are so common its untrace able.

thank you

It's called a hollow point, use better fiction weapons you two come on.<br />
A slug from a shoot gun can take a rhino from close range so can it against wolf.<br />
Horrible fiction mixed in with these pups believing, i wouldn't take arrow coyote hunting dumb *** much less wild hog's an there stronger then a coyote.<br />
Dumb *** twilight generation come on.

ya you just wish i was died next time you wont be so lucky i will kill you im not scared of some whimpy wolf hunter so bring it