Werewolves Make Good Lovers

     First let me say I am not a werewolf but my boyfriend is one. A few years ago I was out gathering herbs for my shop when I twisted my ankle. I was trying to hobble back when it got so painful I could't walk anymore so I tried soaking it in a cold mountain stream. I heard a noise and when I looked up I saw the biggest wolf I had ever seen and this man standing next to it. He offered his help and bandaged my swollen ankle.
     He carried me to his cottage and further worked on my ankle, I later found out he was a skilled paramedic, after soaking and wrapping my ankle a final time. gave me an herbal tea to reduce the pain. We talked until dusk when it started to rain. There must have been something in the tea because I fell asleep but not before I noticed his eyes were yellow! when they were green before. 
     When I awoke in the morning he was standing there with a breakfast tray and a hot cup of coffee, his eyes were back to green. Ever since that night we have been friends and lovers.I know what he is and I know I am safe and secure in that small cottage with a big bad wolf, Private joke I call him Wolfie, to protect and provide for me. But the best part is his senses are amplified to my moods. He seams to sense when I feel lonely or sad or just plane blue with the monthly curse and shows up with flowers or some gift. I awake every morning to breakfast, he is a wonderful cook, and many times he has surprised me with some exotic dish.
     I wont tell you about the bedroom but will say this it is great to have a lover who thinks about me instead of himself. I have no complaints in that department. Its from animal instinct to tender I just wish all other woman could have what I have. My love grows stronger every day I am with him.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

This is wolves reality, I do except he'd call you mate not lover to anyone else so respect his heart.<br />
Feelings among wolves our more important then humans can imagine being it's part of language, to us it's what definitely says what we're thinking without words adding to are care for those around use.<br />
It be difficult for a wolf to ignore someone poor as well as someone angry on the phone, it's like the hole world's in tune at one time.

It good to hear you found someone speical. I never met a wolf dont even think there is any in my area.