What is your problem with werewolves/lycans? and why do you keep hunting us?
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I Am a half werewolf cAn one of you bite me and make me become a real werewolf?

i heard that there are 2 types of hunters the 1st call themselves hunters who today are just rednecks who would not know how to catch a were/vamp/whatever even if it run right past them. 2nd type call themselves sla<x>yers and claim they only hunt the bad ones.... or then again all this that i was reading on another site is just BS plz correct me if i'm wrong find it hard to tell what is truth on the internet.

Redneck? No i prefer Appalachian American. Rednecks are just imbred ***** like the wrong turn movie, you know drink beer,dip and beat there kids as ther making love to there third wife.

One if any hunters still exist something happened to create them often stupid an sad.<br />
Previous "hunters " we're religious run(Roman church they had a lot of power) given purpose or cause they lost someone, the other problem is werewolves cause conflict with are aggression an territorial nature so other species often well just simply fight or run wolves off without a thought. <br />
So basically stupid reasons an not all "hunter's " are human.

Ditto for me

Ive been asking the same question and never got a strait answer.